Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blooming Lilacs

It is finally time for the blooming of lilacs. This is the time of year, where even though we may have a thick heavy frost on the ground, you know that summer is right around the corner. I think most people adore lilacs just because it is a sign that spring is truly here. Or one might adore the powerful scent. Which may take them back to a fond childhood memory. When I see or smell lilacs I think of my childhood home where I lived for 10 years in Battle Creek, Michigan. We lived in suburbia & on a corner in a traditional  2 story home that was kept immacualte inside & out by my parents. As one of four kids, we had to help around the house & in the yard, but my parents were the ones that kept it neat & tidy. (ummm, except for the garage! that was "organized chaos")

In the backyard in a little corner where the garden hose was situated, there was a lovely lilac bush. It was not the prettiest of corners, except when the lilac bush was in bloom.  Then it was my very favorite corner of the world.

Many years later & one state away, my lilac bush blooms a little earlier than the one in my childhood town. Except I have a baby lilac bush & cannot cut the blooms, as I fear that it will stunt its growth. It was a Mother's Day gift from hubby & the kids a few years ago. Fortunately for me, my mother-in-law is kind enough to let me cut whatever I like from her collection of lilac bushes.

A new reader of mine (go check out her blog, Revamped French Maison) has asked the simple question , "How do you keep your blooms fresh looking? I've never had much luck with that. They just wilt and shrivel up in a day. It's quite strange to me." 

Well that got me thinking. How do you keep them from shriveling up, once they are cut? This is why I love to blog. I have a reason to think & research on fun subjects like lilacs. I have no idea what keeps them fresh! I just cut them & place them in water & hope that they will survive for  a few days. Then the rhododendrons & peonies will be getting ready to bloom. And summer will be here.

But I cannot leave my new friend hanging, so I did a little research & found this excellent article on keeping lilacs fresh. I did most of it correctly (I didn't have a floral preservative). Also, you may want to arrange them outside & bring them in after the spiders & bees have left the blooms.  I love learning new things & hope you find this link helpful.

Enjoy the pictures of the lovely blooming lilacs.

What flower takes you down memory lane? 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Giveaway Results & Weekend in Review

Miss Boo chose the winner of the adirondack citronella candle holder & it was 
Congrats to Kris. She is a new blogger so please visit her blog for Italian inspired recipes!

I really enjoyed having a giveaway & loved reading everyone's comments! Check back as the next giveaway is going to include something French~inspired. 

Here is a sneak peek at one of my projects. Repainting an old picnic table & benches, currently in the sanding phase (Before Shot):

A messy & dusty affair that is only suitable for outside:

This weekend we had just one soccer game, where Miss Boo got to play goalie. My assistant, Miss A took the camera & had some nice results:

Love her pursed lips & the flying pony tail:

After the soccer game, we visited with some friends & checked on their new twin baby goats. Poor baby goats had their horns removed~ouch! We had to give them some lovin' :

A little hayloft jumping in the barn (fun on a rainy day!) Miss A, Miss S (friend) & Miss Boo :

Mr. F. was trying out his friend's new quad, with his lil buddy Mr. J. :

The hubby & I had a date that included dinner & dancing, but sadly no photos! 

Sunday was a busy day with religion class for the kids, followed by Mass. The afternoon was eagerly anticipated by the kids, as they had their very first piano recital. 

This is what I found at one of our local antique stores last week. They are now clean & de-lableled & waiting for some lilac blooms:

I have been so inspired by blogland & getting my projects completed. Hubby is having a hard time keeping up with me. I am hoping the rain goes away so we can get some painting done & I will share my results with you. Have a blessed week. What are you looking forward to this week?