Friday, February 18, 2011

Off Kilter

There is a pot of boiling water on the stove. There are piles of clean laundry. The house is pretty clean. I have worked out today. I have accomplished NOTHING on last week's Anti-procrastination list~nothing! I think of a blessing. Then I think of something to bring me down. Like: the sun is out~blindingly so, but there are small piles of dirty snow. It is warm, but it is not hot. This is how my week is going. Up. Down. Off kilter. This is how I am when I receive bad news. Let me repeat: bad news. I get really weird until my brain can accept the bad news. In limbo...trying to accept the news that my Mom was just diagnosed with cancer. Again. But a completely different type. Trying to look at the bright spots: she is symptom free, she feels strong and she is ready to fight this. Trying to wrap my head around how I can help, when I live so far away. Very hard. I have only cried a little. Maybe I need a good cry. Actually, I don't know if that would help or not? I cannot decide. So I am going to carry on and hope that once my head accepts this message, that I may cry or not, and hopefully come to a different place, because limbo is not working for me.

Birds outside my bathroom window. A sign that spring may eventually come !

Homemade hearts for my 3 sweeties with a message and a coupon for something they like: movie, dinner out, & dessert. I was able to find the perfect store bought one for my sweet hubby. It had a bike and kites. 


Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Valentine's Day is Special To Me

As a kid, Valentine's Day was always very special in our house. It was also my Dad's birthday. So we celebrated Valentine's Day and my Dad's birthday. It made it extra special. My Dad always remembered to get us a valentine on that day, too. I remember feeling very special because he remembered me on his birthday. Happy Birthday Dad. We love you. A few pics, just for fun!

Dad on his first birthday. I cannot believe the clarity of this photo and how my grandmother baked him such a beautiful cake for his first birthday and then remembered to get a photo~there were not point & shoot cameras in those days! February 14, 1940

 Learning to "shoot" a gun with his father.

On his First Holy Communion. Dad has passed down his faith to his children and took us to church weekly (with Mom's help, of course!)

A trumpeteer, he also played the accordion and has a 45 of it somewhere!

Served his country in the Air Force. 

Is a fantastic dancer, which wooed my Mom off her feet!

Always fixing cars. My brother is not even a year old. Cannot imagine how my Mom felt about her brand new concrete being stained with car grease. BTW, is that car done yet???

Dad on the left, with his brothers, rocking the side burns and mustache with a Sgt. Pepper jacket. 
circa 1971

Always putting a baby to sleep and catching a quick z himself! This is my youngest brother Tony. 

Supporting us through all of our endeavors. Congratulating my brother on a good swim, while being a timer. Back then the timers had to wear their "timing whites".

Loving on his granddaughter, Allie, with my Mom.

A Ford man and a big time racing fan, before racing was so commercial. If there is a race on tv, Dad is tuned in. Drove us a bit nuts, but he is consistent!

Teaching Foster how to shoot a bb gun safely. 

Taking in his favorite team, the Detroit Tigers. They were always playing on the radio in the garage, when I was a  kid. Pictured here with my sister Lisa, niece Lindsey, Dad and brother in law Mark. 

Spending time poolside. But not in the deep end. Shallow end only!

Always taking photographs. Always. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! 
(my Mom's favorite saying!)

And one of my favorite pictures of my Dad. Hanging out on a boat.

Thanks for always being there for us Dad. Through the toddler years, the homework, the swim meets, the snowmobiling nights, the practicing of instruments, the baseball games, the kite flying, the mini bikes & go karts, the car issues, the road trips to Florida in the Econoline, the relationships of our teen years, the driving lessons, the graduations, the walk down the aisle, the letting go of us so we could become adults, and watching us become parents and going through the same. Happy Birthday Dad. You are a rare one: warm, honest, kind, faithful, gentle, funny, and loving. 
Much love to you on your special day!