Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going at My Own Pace

Me looking forward to the future, while going at my own pace. (photo taken by one of my kids)
Have you ever gone for a run with a friend and found that you just could NOT keep up? That is how my summer went. As I finally settled into the feeling of not keeping up with laundry, kids' schedules, grocery shopping, projects, etc., I realized I had to go at my own pace. Blogging did no fit into my summer, which has so quickly rolled over into fall.

As I reflect back on summer and what my kids accomplished and how they have grown in maturity and defeating fears, it astounds me! I think this is the reason I love summer the most. By having free time, it allows us to try new challenges & to grow in ways we never thought possible.

A few of my summer accomplishments:

  • ran all summer long, at my own pace!
  • completed a 5K in August (haven't run a race in about 5 years)
  • water skied & learned to SLALOM
  • made decisions & started on kitchen re-vamp (photos to follow in future posts)
  • worked on photography skills (mostly from the boat!)

One word to describe slalom skiing for me: ELATION! At 43, I did not believe I would ever be able to slalom ski. Now I am hooked and can hardly wait for next summer! 

My kids' accomplishments:

Miss A (12, turned 13 end of July)

  • sang National Anthem solo & a capella
  • sang duet with a friend (National Anthem) it was ~awesome~
  • learning to sing Ave Maria
  • learned to wake skate
  • crossing wake on wakeboard & trying a Shaun Murray (rope behind your back as you lean body toward water)
  • swam 200 IM
  • completed a conditioning camp & volleyball camp
  • performed as the finale in a ski show (1 of 3 wakeboarders behind the boat at the same time)

Miss A (on right) with her friend before they rocked the National Anthem in front of 1,000 + people

Miss A wake skating (no bindings on board, just your feet)
Miss A

Mr F. (11)

  • attended action camp where he learned a 720 with a grab (2 sideways revolutions with a grab). He skied down a ramp on manufactured snow, performs the trick,  & lands in a swimming pool
  • learned a double flip in diving
  • learned to wake skate & can go wake to wake
  • performed as the finale in a ski show (1 of 3 wakeboarders behind the boat at the same time)competed
  • qualified for Nationals in wakeboarding

Mr F showing you his "Shaun Murray" with the rope behind his back while his front faces the water

I love this shot!

Miss Boo (7, turned 8 in August)

  • learned to water ski
  • learned to wakeboard
  • finished a summer homework packet
  • got over her big  fear of going around the island, while water skiing & wakeboarding
  • took 5th in diving championships

Miss Boo's contagious energy
My Hubby
This guy is a saint! My hubby was so awesome all summer at driving the boat (safely) and helping so many kids & adults learn how to wakeboard & water ski. It was amazing to watch him! I also was able to return the favor & drive the boat for him while he wakeboarded. He is headed to Nationals for wakeboarding, as well. Photo by one of the kiddos! ( I can't drive the boat & take photos)

This is an updated photo of that picnic table that I painted this past spring. Here is a link to that post & here it is in use:

You may have projects to finish, work to do, or a coach may want you to go faster, a friend may require too much, a spouse may have certain expectations. Go at your own pace and it will turn out better than you expected.
Miss A. This is for my sis: who does she look like in the water?