Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lemons & Other Really Good Stuff

I have been drinking a lot of water with lemon lately. It has really helped me cut down on coffee. I am already down to 2 cups a day, without trying very hard!! A fellow blogger mentioned that she was drinking hot lemon water, which is easy to make. Heat water & squeeze in fresh lemon. I have been drinking it when eating out & at the ski lodge. Lemons are good for preventing kidney stones, so it is imporatant for me to keep this in my diet. I have also been squeezing it on different dishes. Even this homemade chicken soup with orzo instead of noodles:

The kids wrote their thank you notes today. Better late than never. I am a dealer for this line of stationery from Donovan Designs.  They have the cutest notepads. Wouldn't you agree?

I may have mislead you in my last post. When I posted about my vintage snowmobile (last post), I should have told you that this actually belongs to our kids. It is not a full size snowmobile (slang:sled). That is why my hubby bought it for the kids. The kids let us borrow it, on occasion! This is a picture of my youngest today, out playing on the snowmobile after Mass & religion class. Check out that sky!

Action shot of Marissa:

We even were able to coax my teenager, Ana, outside for a spin!

Ahhh, blue sky:

This little point & shoot camera is able to hang with me! A snowmobile coming around the frozen pond:

Yep, here is Foster. He is so much like his Bumpa (my Dad). Sweet and full of fun! 

Now that I have indulged you with some photos, I wanted to let you know that I am planning a party! 
A real party. For my husband as he gets ready to celebrate a BIG birthday. I have less than a week, but I am sure I can pull it off. Right?

I am 2/3 done with my Anti Procrastination List for this week & I still have one day till Tuesday.

If you haven't seen the new GORGEOUS beach bags from my friend  Suzanne at beachhouse etc. then you better bop over to her blog & check them out! I Tell her I sent you!

Later this week I will be posting my new blog button. It is done & I cannot wait to share the details with you. You are going to be impressed!

I am really happy that January is more than half over. You followers know that I am a summer girl. Just making the most of life, while I await those warm breezes!