Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Christmas Card Reveal

This year's card was from Tiny Prints:

Inside Left

Holiday Message


 A couple of things that I love about this card are:

  • the story that it tells about our family, its early beginnings & what we enjoy doing together~read more below
  • it sounds crazy but I love the gate fold (the fold is along the left, opens like a book)
  • the ability to use so many pictures
  • being able to choose from so many fonts & creating my own custom greeting
  • all of our legs outstretched, especially Ana's! Yes, she has super long legs like her Daddy!

 **This is a very low light day here in the Midwest! The pics do not accurately portray the level of photo quality, which is very good. I tried with flash, without flash & in different settings & this was the best I could come up with.**

The Story of This Card
The story of this card is 17 years in the making! The first day I met my husband, we biked 20 miles together. It is funny how a bike ride lead us to this incredible life with three children. Although, we don't put in much mileage these days, we do love to ride these bikes at the lake with our family. We bike to the pool. We bike to friend's houses. We go on little excursions. Everyone else uses a golf cart, but we love the simplicity of our "beach cruisers".  I love the baskets for towels & goggles. Hubby likes his drink holder, which is usually occupied by my afternoon Diet Coke. I got the idea to purchase the beach cruisers when I saw a picture of Kim on her bike.

I love getting holiday cards. It is my very favorite thing of the season. It is a chance to connect with others that we care about, but perhaps don't see too often. I love getting photos of family and friends. The kids scream with excitement as they open the cards each day. It is true joy!

Wouldn't you like to see what others are doing for their holiday card? Me too! So here is my first Linky Party!! If you are a blogger and would like to share anything related to your Holiday card, please link to your post below. It could be choosing the photo or card, past cards, or your current card. It could even be a post about procrastination of sending out cards!



Monday, December 6, 2010

19 days till Christmas & counting...

list making
recipe previewing

*If you don't have a LightKeeper-Pro, then you need to get one while out & about. It is a miraculous little tool thingy = "miniature light set repair tool"! It sells for less than $20 and can be found at hardware stores!! It really works & takes the frustration out of tree trimming with burned out bulbs!