Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Am Back

I am finally back after being away from my blog most of the summer. How did summer give way so quickly to fall? I feel like I should still be floating on my raft and somebody has changed the calendar on me. A cruel joke, indeed.

Today I reviewed my pics trying to decide if I should start fresh from this point forward or if I should do a re-cap of my summer. I am still deciding as I write this. I think most of us bloggers struggle with our personal reasons for blogging vs. what our readers may want to hear. I am leaning toward the summer re-cap because I really want to make my blog into a book, since I haven't been very good about scrapbooking our family memories! But then I wonder, who will want to look at my pictures of summer when there is a chill in the air? If you keep reading, you are sure to be tortured!

Foster at Dive Championships where he placed sixth.

Foster getting diving advice from 2 of his Atlanta cousins:

Pro wakeboarder Shaun Murray and Foster:

Marissa getting ready to take off at Swim Championships. Their 8 + under relay took 2nd.  This shot is super fun because it shows all of the feet of the spectators:

Ana had a one of those swim seasons where she had very little practice due to a summer gym commitment & then had to "bring it" for Swim Championships. Always a joy to watch her swim!

Good times boating with cousins, Grandpa, Aunt Anne and Dad at the lake!

Ahhh, lake fun:

14th Birthday party for Ana (in red) with a dj, bonfire, trampoline, ping pong, air hockey...

and cake..notice Ana changed to a blue & white top! Here with friends and siblings:

Now that brings us to the end of July. My next post will cover another birthday & other activities that will make us pine for summer. Stay tuned for more torture!