Friday, February 12, 2010

Have you ever been dumped on Valentine's Day?

From my youngest Valentine, these are her cute handprints!:

Well, yes I have been dumped on Valentine's Day, twice actually (by 2 different guys who are still regretting it!) Sometimes holidays are more hype than substance. I am looking forward to a great Valentine's Day & I hope you are, too. If you don't get dumped, then it should be pretty good. Here are a few fun photos of things that make me think fondly of Valentine's Day (yes I have been cooped up in my house this week!)

My craft stapler that uses pink staples:
Pink kitchen towels:
Heart slinky, love it:
Part of my outfit for my Valentine's dinner with hubby, it is cold here:
And a bit of red (I love patent):

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Praying on a Snow Day

Some Moms complain about their kids being home on a snow day. (OK, I have a few dozen times!) We just had 2 days home in a row. I have been busy praying. My son is the one in the bright green pants. He is 11. Seems like he should still be 2! I guess I may be at fault here. I encouraged him to start skiing at an early age (2 1/2), to get out some of that toddler energy. Then a few years ago I introduced my husband to snowmobiling. I grew up snowmobiling with my family in Michigan. Told hubby how much fun it is...& now we own a "vintage" (old!) snowmobile. Thus the video!

My son has always been an active kid & this is how he is growing, changing & challenging himself! Watch the video & then say a prayer for me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oooops, here are the...

Here are the photos to go with the blogpost below! And I added another thing I am happy about: learning how to make a blogger header in Picasa!!!

10 Things I am Happy About Today

10. The pretty, fresh, deep snow
9. A snow day for the kiddos
8. Trying a new craft with the kiddos
7. My new pink roses-thanks honey!
6. My friends that follow my blog
5. Valentine's Day~candy, cards & hugs & kisses
4. 4 wheel drive
3. An almost finished project
2. A new project~think kitchen!
1. No agendas or deadlines today!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Organized Papers

Just a quick post today, as it is a snow day & the kiddos are home making messes, dripping melting snow on the floor, bugging know what I mean~so without further adieu:

Do you have stacks of paper that need organized? If you are a busy person, then I can tell you that you probably do!

Last year my goal was to be better organized & I can definitely say that I am, in one area! OK, only one area, but that is still progress!

While going through your stack, sort papers by (kid's homework, bills, investments, medical, etc.) Then go out & buy these rather inexpensive folders. Be sure to label them! At the end of the year or during tax prep time, you will be able to find out what you need quickly! And that is a good feeling...I then empty these every year & rubber band & label the contents & store in a labeled banker box in the basement. I also use them for my small business & they really do keep everything organized. Cheap, easy & organized! ~That's my style~

Monday, February 8, 2010

Date with a Snow Plow Driver

Date with a Snow Plow Driver
Yes indeedy, we got hit with 10 or 12 inches of the white stuff this weekend! Which, if you read my blog or know me, is not a problem for me in February as I ski & think that snow is refreshing! The BIG news is that I had a date with a snow plow driver! Doesn't sound very glamorous does it? Well let's just say I needed a break from the kiddos & their energy. My husband was going out to plow. I decided to ride along with him & thus my date with a snow plow driver. It was scary & fun & I hope he asks me out on another date. I am pretty sure he will. We are due for another snowstorm in the next 24 hours. Wahoo-2 dates in one week?~I am keeping my fingers crossed!

My view on the thrill ride:

My date:

Earlier in the day with my ski buddy Miss A, in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day:
(My skis, on the right, are from K2, which supports Breast Cancer Research: )

Miss Boo:

Ski girls (like their Momma!):

Ok this is part of our clan, as my young guy, Mr. F., was hitting the jumps elsewhere:

My girls laughing with our neighbor, Mrs. W:

A delicious high energy drink for the girls: Shirley Temples, of course! (me in the background on my Blackberry!)

Hubby & me riding the ski lift (just like the old days, bk~before kids~):

A pretty pic outside my kitchen:

Hope you enjoyed a peak at my weekend. Now, I am attacking the list: return videos to Blockbuster, grab lunch, put away laundry.....