Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Have you ever seen an amphicar? These are the coolest things in the whole world! You can go from driving on the street right into the water & out again! I was going though some of my 16,000 photos (yes they are all backed up) the other night & happened upon this little gem:

I was with my family on the lake & my Dad had his camera & quickly got this shot. (My camera wasn't on board, thanks Dad!) I think this is the perfect solution for couples who have a difficult time getting their boat in & out of the water. It would save a lot of arguments at the boat ramp!

Just thought I would share something interesting & fun!

You can read more about amphicars here. Enjoy the warm weather dreaming~Cathy

Monday, February 22, 2010

Carnival Weekend

Does your town or city have a favorite event that everyone looks forward to? Ours is the Ski Carnival. Our ski resort is filled with the smell of grilling brats & hot dogs & sauerkraut & adult beverages! There are contests for the kids & adults. Some involve skiing & boarding & some do not. If you were there this past weekend, you already know that it was a fantastic time! A few of my favorite shots, some taken by me & some by my favorite assistant (hubby)! Enjoy!

Miss A who raced & took second place in her division, posing as Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn:

Mr. F & friend Mr. J, such nice boys:

On top of the hill Miss, A, Miss Boo & hubby:

Mr. F & Mr S taking in the Alpine events:

The lodge, (love the American flag):

The Mt. Dew Slush Cup, where skiers/boarders come flying down the hill & try to make it over a vat of colored COLD water: Some make it & some don't!

I picked up this wild guy (you never know what might happen at Carnival!!

Hope you enjoyed the photo tour. We sure did enjoy the Carnival & meeting up with friends & watching the kids have a great time!