Thursday, May 6, 2010

Interview with the salty girl of beachhouse etc., Suzanne Pignato

Suzanne Pignato of beachhouse etc

Guess who is in the house today? Suzanne Pignato of beachhouse etc!!!! Have you been to her hip blog yet? Well you better check it out, after you read my interview with her!
I found Suzanne's blog,  beachhouse etc  in February 2010 when I was researching information on slipcovers. Her post on slipcovers was very thorough & detailed and you can find it  here. I became hooked on her blog and was one of her early followers. In that time we have corresponded & now talk on the phone weekly. She is a blast to talk to & is high energy~my kind of girl. She is a very beachy and salty kind of girl.  Not too sugary and not too syrupy sweet. Also, she is very positive. She left me one of the kindest comments with a bit of advice from her late father. Since then, we have discovered that her father & I are graduates of the same university, Michigan State University. Suzanne & I have a lot in common, but the best thing is our ability to always laugh with each other.

She is very creative & curious & enjoys trying out different new things in the blog world & encouraging me to do more.  Suzanne challenges me or gives me tips on what she has found to work well. She doesn't take herself too seriously & it is pure fun just to chat with her throughout the week! She is already a treasured friend & we have yet to meet!

So without further adieu, here is my interview with 

When & why did you start blogging? 

Well here goes I really started blogging about sept of last year but then really didn’t do anything with it until like november Why I started a blog was because of the inspiring first blog I saw House of Turquoise…while searching for ideas for my own home I thought it was just a regular website..then I noticed the links on the sidebar.honestly I truly was not aware of what a blog wasI didn’t even like the wordsounds funny to meanyhow that led me to A Beach Cottage ..which inspired me even more to start my own blog with beachhouse etc. The inspiration for beachhouse came before the blog . . .though when my hubby of 20 yrs said I need to do something creative.. I decided I wanted to do what I love and that is creating beachy looks for myself and othersI also saw that there isn’t a lot of outdoor living type products that are fun so I am designing outdoor pillows and then also the beach bagsmy mind is always coming up with new ideasso I will keep adding as time goes by

What is your favorite saying & who did it come from?
My father (who passed away in June of last year) had so many funny phrases that I still use everydaybut, here’s the one I like the most …”if you don’t like your world change your thinking.”

Who (in your personal life) inspires your creative side?
Probably my friend Susan Tancer who has a handpainted purse business called UNFRAMED ART
She inspires me because she is always doing something creativeshe never stops…she does what feels  true to herself
And she is an incredible person  
Favorite color to decorate with?
White White and white’s like a blank canvas for me ..being the ever changing chameleon that I amit works for me. because I can change things up a bit with pops of any color that seems to attract me at the moment ..i’m usually changing things seasonally..

Favorite color in wardrobe?
White again second is lilac (it’s almost pink with a hint of lavender in it)

What do you wear to kick it up a notch (ie special date, ritzy party, polo match)?
And I love inexpensive jewelry accessories like tons and tons of bangles like 4 5 inches of them ..oh and I adore different types of wraps ..i tie them around my waist my neck

What is your favorite food?
I LOVE SEAFOOD so with this whole oil spill I am saddened by and broken hearted for the people in Louisiana and hope that it will be corrected very soon as it looks like it is getting closer and closer to south florida.

What is one of your pet peeves?
Biggest pet peeve would be  someone who I know is not being genuine.. i am very intuitive and when I feel in my soul it’s not right it’s just not right…and I’m almost always right on target.

Are you an early arrival, on-time arrival, or late arrival girl?
Something ..I’m not proud of but, sad but true a late arrival girl I always seem to think I can squeeze that extra what ever it is before I have to be somewhere

How long have you been married?
Married 20 yrs dec 1together 22 yrs.. amazing huh?? My husband is truly my best friend and everything in between.

What is your secret to a long & happy marriage?

You need to trust each other and also be true to yourself… if something is bothering you …you need to let the other person know before it turns lethal…

Favorite flower?
Peonies ..but they do not grow hereL

What is your favorite thing about being a mom & wife?
Being able to stay home and be there for both my husband and my son when they get home from their day and quite simply as a wife enjoying the fact that I am truly in love with my husband.

What do you do to unwind?
You KNOW CathyA glass of wine or two and my seemingly unlimited magazine obsession.. with no budget ..

Favorite sport to participate?

Favorite sport to watch?

Lacrosse.. my son started playing this year and I love it…

What is your secret/undeveloped passion?

To have my own beachy store called beachhouse etc. filled with all of my designs in it…. Including… home d├ęcor… body scents, clothing candles etc.. of course all beachy.. I also want to carry truly inspiring original artist paintings..

Any advice to new bloggers?

Read Read Read …and ask questions follow other bloggers that are successful… but, also try to be original to what your passion is …that will filter through as you learn more and more.. the more I figure out on my own the more sense of accomplishment I have… there are time though that I would love to hand over to someone and say here’s what I want put it all together in a cute little package and be done with it.. but, I know in my heart I need to learn it myself…

~End of Interview~

I want to thank Suzanne for agreeing to be the first person to be interviewed on my blog!! You are the best! 

Now go check out her blog, beachhouse etc!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunny Morning

Isn't it amazing how a sunny morning can get you up & moving? This was my view this morning from the upper porch.

And this is what I will be doing today with my friend Bella. Bella is very bored while watching me paint. She usually enjoys a nice nap while I am working. {These have been sanded & then primed with 2 coats of exterior Kilz. Now awaiting 2 coats of exterior paint~I will post pictures when the project is completed)

I am taking full advantage of this awesome painting weather. Warm (70's) & a light breeze today!

Remember just a short while ago it looked something like this:

Big improvement, don't you think?  Other things on my list:

  • new custom blog header! Almost done. 
  • check on couch & chairs that I found through a friend~think transformation!
  • research painting/replacing shutters
  • wash porches & get out porch furniture (now that pine trees are done spilling forth the yellow dust!)
  • finish interview with my best blogging buddy *you will love her*!!
Let's stop the list right there. That will take me a few days! I am linking up to Amy's Anti Procrastination Tuesday @ New Nostalgia.  

Also, I did get one important thing checked off last week's list. I had a backup device on my computer that hasn't been functioning & I emailed the company & because it was still under warranty (I had the receipt from January 2008~see my organization tip for paperwork here) they are going to replace a part for free. It should be up & working soon!

Spring lists are always long. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the chirping birds & beautiful blooms while working away at your list.