Monday, June 20, 2011

Progress June 2011

We have had a rather unusual start to summer. The weather has been overcast and cool. We are still marching forward and hoping that summer soon shows its face around here!

A lily and phlox from my garden:

One pic is never enough of my flowers:

A little progress has been made at our home, going from this:

To this:

And from this :

To this:

Think I spent hundreds of dollars for custom coverings? Try ""cut to size" cellular shades from Home Depot for less than $130 for 4 rather large, hard to find window sizes. These would cost more than $1,000 had they been custom ordered. My sweet hubby hung them for me and the entire family is overjoyed that we have relief from the sun at dinnertime!

I am documenting one little project at a time, to show the progress that we make around here. In the meantime my oldest daughter has been doing a lot of babysitting, while my son has been working on a new hair color...oh my! Stay tuned for more pictures!

Cathy M.