Friday, June 11, 2010

"School's Out for the Summer" Mode

The kids have been out of school for one week & I haven't posted anything in that time. I wish I could say that I have been lounging around in my hammock! The truth is we have already had a visit to the emergency room for Mr. F., my 12 year old wild boy, who fell & gashed his leg while at an end~of~the~school~year~shaving~cream~party. He is doing really well & will have the stitches out in no time. We have attended some awesome graduation parties. I cannot believe that these kids are graduating, where did the time go? We are in full mode of swimming & diving with practices and already a couple of meets in just one short week! Also, I accomplished BOTH things on my Anti-Procrastination List!! And I am happy to say that my new kitchen chairs are in & will be getting slipcovers very soon. Did I mention that they are gorgeous & look PERFECT in my kitchen? Ahhh, happiness!

We also had an impromptu road trip with the kiddos to a fantastic new place that we have been wanting to go to! It is called Wake Nation. It is located north of Cincinnati & it is a cable park for wakeboarders, wake skaters, & water skiers & kneeboarders. It was a total balst & my kids were able to meet two professionals. I was able to meet up with a friend from childhood neighborhood. Hubby was able to try his abilities at boarding on a cable line rather than behind a boat. He was awesome! What a blast!

Some pics for ya:

Teacher gifts of summer cups, summer tray, plastic bucket, homemade card & gift card:

Love how great the kids did on their homemade cards. The one with Frappe included a Starbucks gift card and the one with the ice cream cone included a Coldstone Creamery gift card! Their notes to their teachers were super sweet!

Mr. F is in the middle:

Mr. F after 12 stitches:

Girls @ Wake Nation

My hubby is a natural & got the hang of this cable wakeboarding gig very fast! I was impressed:) 

Shaun & I were childhood friends. We lived in the same neighborhood & attended the same elementary, jr. high & high school. We connected via Facebook & she came to see us at the wakeboard park. We had some amazing things to catch up on & it was awesome just to see her! She is still peppy & energetic: 

Mr. F w/ pro wakeskater Danny Hampson:

Girls with pro Danny Hampson:

Kids with Bob Soven pro wakeboarder:

This is Bob doing his thing, {very amazing}:

A close-up of Bob that my 12 year old captured, she has a great eye:

Danny & Bob were so very nice! They love what they do & they were so KIND to my kids. It was really fun. You can catch Bob & his brother on the cover of this month's Wakeboarding mag! Bob on right, isn't that a cool pic?

And I wouldn't forget to leave you with what is blooming in my yard. Gorgeous phlox:

Hope your summer is off to a great start! I will soon post about my Anti-Procrastination list. Hope you have a great weekend that is filled with sunshine!