Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st, Really?

How can November already be here? I am sure you are feeling the same way...aren't you? In the past few years this has been my busiest time of year. When you sell stationery and personalized Christmas or Holiday cards, as I do, this is THE time of year when all of your business hits. The problem is (at least in my area) that no one wants to think about their card until we get our first snowfall. We have frost now, but we certainly do not have snow! So I prepare for the holidays & work on multitudes of cards & help people design the perfect card. My family suffers as their crazy momma panics while wondering where the UPS woman or FedEx man is?? I pace back & forth the front of the house, just hoping to have a sound or a glimpse of a delivery truck. And then the realization hits, how come my order wasn't delivered? Then I call my suppliers in a frenzy, which in turn leads to another call to my customer. The panic & sleepless nights ensue, until the last order is delivered around December 23rd. (I think my heart rate has jumped  just typing this paragraph.)

Go ahead & ask me. Are your Christmas cards done, Cathy? Why yes, they are! I received them last week (in October).  This probably sounds extremely boastful. It is. Just remember that I started the process in June, which was when I ran into my photographer in Barnes & Noble & booked a family photo shoot. Lucky me!

To keep it real, my house is a mess, and I won't even think about decorating for the holidays until after Thanksgiving. That's how I roll, one holiday at a time. All the while searching for that delivery truck, which won't make it up our driveway in late November & December, due to the snow!

Would you like a sneak peek at the photos that weren't used in the Christmas card? Ok, here are a few:

All photos above are by Aimee Ferguson.

More later on holiday cards. Start thinking about them & then I will write another post on the 
"do's and don't's".

Weekend review
(after volunteering @ school on Friday for my 2nd grader's fun Halloween party)
pick up 3 kids from 3 different schools
drive by apple orchard with windmill for 6th grade science project idea
drop off @ soccer practice
drop teen off at friend's house
dinner out with 4/5 of family
movie @ home with hubby: It's Complicated
drop off teen jr high to board bus for swim meet
buy donuts & birthday card 
 zip to swim meet to watch teen swim fast (fast meet & fast swimming)
lunch @ McDonald's with youngest
quick trip to Wal Mart
pick up teen @ jr high
home to bake triple batch of brownies & appetizer
sort receipts with hubby
take girls to friend's tennis match
go to new neighbor's family party
race to ski resort to join pre-season festivities including bonfire
home to change & then to lake to winterize outdoors
take 8 year old for haircut & shopping @ mall
get pumpkins ready for carving
take pictures
take Miss M's friend home
de-slime pumpkin seeds
bake yummy pumpkin seeds
enjoy awesome fall dinner cooked by hubby
family tv time in snuggle fashion

Wonderful Halloween!
(glad we trick or treated last Thursday!)

Now I know why I am tired today! Here are a few Halloween pics:

End of "never-ending" blog post.