Friday, April 16, 2010

Coffee & other stuff

I had coffee with my best friend, Mrs. A, this week. It was only for an hour, but it was such a treat!

I am loving this beautiful weather that is more summerlike than springlike. I know it won't last as we are due for colder weather in the next day. I had my morning coffee on the front porch today. That's where you will find me most mornings from spring to fall~ making my lists, saying some prayers & relaxing while trying to get motivated for my day. If you are in the area, stop by for a chat & a mug of hazelnut creme coffee!

*You might even hear some trumpet music from this guy:

Mr. F after last night's band concert. Photo credit to hubby~thank you!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring in My Backyard

This is what spring looks like in my backyard right now.

This is my view from the kitchen table where I make my to do lists:

Green grass, blooming pear trees, & pretty water! Those dark spots along the back edge of the pond will grow into pretty green grasses. We have to burn them in late winter so that they will continue to grow & be thick & pretty. 

This is where the kids practice soccer & cartwheels. 

The grass is even greener than in these photos. It is so pretty! Soon the trees will fill in with leaves & it will be even prettier.  Mr. F was out here playing his trumpet while throwing a tennis ball to our black lab yesterday. I couldn't get to my camera to snap it.

The sunsets are heavenly. We picked a wonderful place to raise our kids. Lots of happy memories & more to come. Can you see a graduation party here in 5 years?