Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Changes

I am making little changes in my life. I find it overwhelming to tackle a big list or big changes. Don't you? So, I am sticking with little changes. Here are a few of the little changes I have made in the past year:

Drink more water
I accomplished this by buying a Brita water pitcher. I keep chilled water on hand. This works for me. It has to be good for me-right? Also, at restaurants I try to drink water, because it is free & good for me!

Cut down on Diet Coke
I have eliminated that wonderful afternoon diet Coke. I just decided that it could be the tipping point of causing those painful kidney stones. On a very rare occasion I will have a d.c. & then it is a big treat for me!

Organize a shelf or drawer a day
Once I get in the mood I usually organize more than a drawer or shelf, but it is less daunting to tackle one small specific place. If I break it into a quick project, then I tackle it.

I should exercise several times a week. I have found that if I try just to exercise twice a week, I do better than having to exercise 5 times/week. Also, my goal is 20-30 minutes each time. I find that once I start to exercise, I will actually do more than 30 minutes.

I haven't tackled any big projects. I haven't made any big changes. But I am making progress. I feel more in control. I feel less depressed. I think the little changes are working for me. I will keep adding little changes. What little changes have you made & how have the changes helped you?