Monday, March 7, 2011

Saying Goodbye

We are in the midst of a season change here and we are saying goodbye to ski season!

Was it a good one? Thumbs up!

We have skied every weekend since December, except this past weekend. We may get in one or 2 more times but the season is wrapping up. This will leave more time for actually getting things organized and ready for spring. I may have some time to put together a new blog header and post more frequently.

Today I was finishing up all of the tax paperwork for my small business (my BIG NEGATIVE on having a small biz) and  I found a little note on my desk that I scribbled at the end of 2010. It said: focus word 2011: Breathe.  (If you look at my blog header, I actually went with ORGANIZE) And then...  1.Cut down on coffee 2. Increase exercise, water intake and breathing. Yahoo, I have successfully done those things for the past 2 months. Progress, I love it! Sometimes we are making progress and we don't even realize it. I am still working with my personal trainer and I am feeling a lot stronger. I have been trying drink a lot more water, too. I am below 2 cups of coffee every day!

As most of you know, my mom was very recently diagnosed with Non~Hodgkins Lymphoma which is a blood cancer that resides in the lymph nodes. {This is unrelated to the breast cancer that she battled successfully last year.} Thank you for all of your kind words and prayers. They are working! She has had one chemo treatment and is feeling pretty good. She is in good spirits and we have been able to Skype which makes it so much better with our long distance. You can read here about my parents and what they endured last year.

The kids are ramping up on their practices for the Sleeping Beauty musical that they are in a few weeks. So far, they are enjoying it!  It is a totally new experience for all of us. I have to figure out how to take theatre photos with my new camera. I am loving it, but bummed that I couldn't get my photos to download today. I tried to find 1 of our 2 card readers, but wasn't successful.

I hope you are making progress, too. Be sure to let me know what you have accomplished so far in 2011. Leave me a comment. I promise to pat you on the back!