Tuesday, June 1, 2010

French~inspired Giveaway Winner

Claudia from The Paris Apartment was the big winner of my french~inspired giveaway! Congrats Claudia. It may make your return from Paris a bit easier!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these pendants, you can email me (below About Me) and I will email you the information about how to purchase the pendant. 

Anti~Procrastination Tuesday Progress
I was featured last week on Amy's New Nostalgia for my office post. Check out her blog. You will get motivated to get some projects completed! 

Last week's list:
  • Enjoy peonies & iris in the sunshine DONE~see pics in this post!

  • Feed children DONE (many times, they are growing!)

  • Get ready for long weekend: buy sunscreen & something to grill DONE

  • Clean some windows, if I feel like it! DONE (more to go!)

  • Paperwork STILL ON LIST

  • Teacher gifts DONE, went with gift cards & kids will make cute card w/a personal note

  • Buy flower seeds DONE, planted & all flowers purchased & planted!!

  • Take hubby Snapple tea, while he mows DONE (he mowed 2 times last week!)

  • Research last day of school "surprise" for kids DONE (purchased & in hiding!!!)

  • Enjoy friends DONE, had fun with new & old friends & met new neighbors

  • This is a busy week with it being the last week of school. I am volunteering for a couple of events @ school. Since, I have a busy schedule, I am keeping the list short & sweet! 

    This week's list 6/1/10:
    1. Paperwork~really I have to get it done! I don't want it hanging over my head next week when the kids are out of school. We have more important things to do like go to the pool, visit friends, & go to the zoo. 
    2. Clean & reorganize under my kitchen sink~I am going to create an area for recycling (instead of the kitchen countertop). I am going to recycle the plethora of plastic bags. I will try to post pics. 
    I have also been finishing random things on previous lists. My computer backup that was under warranty, had to be shipped off. Fortunately my second backup device is working and was put to good use, as I backed up more than 16,000 photos. Really, I did. The shutters are ordered. The swing set is completely stained. The repair parts for washer dryer & dishwasher are in & need to be scheduled. 

    Leaving you with some of my fave pics of my peonies (and a lav iris & white iris joined in) from last week~heaven~:

    Wishing you a productive & fun week! Hugs,