Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Beach~Italian Style PART 3

Silly me. I went away on a trip but did not bring my laptop. That's why you haven't had a post from me lately. This is the last post on our Italy trip. Don't worry though more posts coming very soon! 

Vernazza, Italy
On our last day in Italy we decided to take a day tour of the "Cinque Terre" which is 5 villages along the coast. It is a beautiful coastal area which lies Southeast of Rapallo & Portofino. The best way to tour coastal Italy is by boat. Hubby went to the nearest marina, chatted with the local folks & chartered a boat with a captain. It was an incredible trip & so very picturesque.

Love this photo of the kids & hubby on the streets of Vernazza, Italy:

The beautiful town of Portovenere, Italy.

This is a very sweet church, the Church of St. Pietro, sitting on a hilltop in Portovenere, Italy. Love the blue boat!

On our way back from the Cinque Terre, we dropped by Portofino:

This is a yacht with a "flying device" aboard. We were taking a swim in the ocean & looked up to see this! Wowza! What do you think of this setup? Just outside Portofino & Santa Margherita:

Santa Margherita, Italy
It was an incredible day. Thanks for reminiscing with me! My next tour will be of the French Riviera~stay tuned!


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    Also a video section is available: Video of the Cinque Terre, a different point of view..

  2. You took your kids to ITALY?!? That is awesome! What a lucky family. My hubby and I want to go there on our next big trip. This year we went to Costa Rica sans kiddos. Wonderful! Glad you had a nice trip away!

  3. How lucky where those kids? WOW I hope someday to get to Italy....beautiful pictures.

  4. Incredible....and such great photos! Charm galore! Thanks for taking us with you. Where are you now? xo

  5. Hey friends, this trip was in July 2006. The kids were wonderful travelers. We spent 7 days in France & 4 in Italy. We toured in the morning & then catered to the kids whims the rest of each day. It was an extremely hot summer there at the time & that is what the kids remember!!! We would love to go back to Italy & the next time we do, it will be by boat!!!

  6. Hi Cathy, thanks for popping over, yes I was the spray paint queen for the past couple of weeks, really came alive around here:) have a great Monday!~


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