Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Key Holder & Under the Kitchen Sink

Key Holder is the Key
I have found that in order to get out the door in a hurry, that it is important to have your keys handy. PB had a great key holder but it ran almost $100. My solution was this one from HobLob for $8 and another from Joann's for $13 & some SPRAY PAINT!

I used several coats of this primer on the holders:

Seaside Green



Here is a closeup of the key ring, I just purchased plain key rings & added scrapbook paper with a bit of mod podge & then transferred an "L" onto the paper. My husband painted the heads of the screws that he used to hang them with, can you even see them? 
LOVE these beachy colors, especially on a white wall!

This was an item on my Anti-Procrastination list: 
  • clean under the kitchen sink DONE


I created a mini-recycling center with these 3 gallon trash cans.  Plastic goes in the left & aluminum in the right one. When they fill up they are taken out to the recycling area in the garage where newspaper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, & plastic bags are recycled & then they are taken to the recycling center at our school. Proceeds go to the school & all of this stuff stays out of the landfill:

A handy dandy bag keeper from Target for under $10:

I moved a lot of cleaning supplies & other unused items to their respective places. Don't you think that the area under the sink becomes a catch all area? And the final result:
Ahhh, much better now that I am not wrestling bags to stay put in the cupboard! 

I also finished all of my paperwork. I am trying to stay on top the new stuff coming in, too!

Hope you are enjoying summer. We need some sunshine! My flowers are asking, where's the sun?? Hoping the beautiful rays find you while creating new memories!


  1. Looks like you're getting stuff done! My son's been out of school two days and I feel like I can't get anything done. I'm like the activity director all day. Cute key holders...I like how you used two. Nice bag holder under the sink...for under $ that's a deal!
    Have a good one!

  2. Love the key holders. Great colors. And I need to tackle under my kitchen sink as well, but he dishwasher repair guy is coming today, so maybe he'll give me a little head start.
    So much sun here. Wish I could send a little to OH.

  3. Love the key holders! You are so creative!

  4. Very cute blog, I need to make a anti procrastination list!!! ASAP = )))

  5. OMG, I thought you were taking pics of my kitchen under counter area! We have the same type/color of cabinets with the same hinges on the outside of the doors. We also have a disposal underneath that takes up too much room in my opinion. LOL. We have one large open trash pail lined with no lid like you and then the two separate lined containers for recycle too. My bag situation used to be under control since we really only use reusable bags until the last trip-hubby came home with a gazillion bags. I need to do mine now too, I thought we'd use them up quick but no.

    If you don't have many a free tip is using a kleenex box, then the little opening is perfect for pulling them out.

    Love your key holders!! I want that one from HL!


  6. love the key rings and the key hooks. super cute.

    my messiest catch-all space in the kitchen area is the little closet that i made the kids' craft closet. surprisingly, they have not kept it as neat as i thought they would. : )

  7. Love these ideas! I am so going to copy your Key ring idea...we are ALWAYS searching through a basket to find ours. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the key ring! Hob Lob IS THE BEST! :)

  9. These look great. We have wooden key boxes from IKEA, but they still need to be painted. I wish I could commit to a colour scheme like you but I am so undecided. I should make that the #1 thing on my to do list. Your under sink cupboard is very inspiring.
    Glad you had a giggle over my post. I always appreciate your visits.

  10. Hi there!
    Just found your blog!
    Love it.
    Checking things off my "To-Do" list is one of my favorite past times!:)
    Big accomplishment under your sink...looks great!
    This weekend (after all of our company leaves) we plan on tackling our basement storage closet!:)
    Enjoy the night

    Following along....:)

  11. Those keys are so cute! I've been eyeing the ones at Joanns for quite some time now :) After seeing your transformation I may have to go a couple.

    Also, I never thought about mounting the plastic bag holder underneath the sink. Mine is sitting on the kitchen counter right now. Plastic bags bug me and I try like mad not to acquire them but some how always do. Under the sink is a Grrrrrreeatttt place for them.

    Hope your having a beautiful weekend,

  12. Love the colors you chose for the key holders!
    You are the list master! You are definately checking things off!
    Hope your summer is going great!

  13. These are great!! Way to go on the sink area. Can you come over and do mine? :)

  14. oh I love the colors on those keys!! I leave my keys in the car...for me it's one less thing to remember.

  15. LOVE those key holders and i know just where to get some from a garden centre near me- i also have a can of spray ready for something like this!! big thanks!
    melissa :)

  16. The key holders look great and I love the colors you used. It will probably be life changing too, knowing exactly where your keys are and taking that frantic search out of your day. Great tip!

  17. Hi Cathy,
    Just wanted to drop by and say you're missed. Hope you and your little family are enjoying yourself and having tons of fun. :)

    :) Shanna

  18. I love these spraypainted, so pretty! Thanks for linking up!


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