Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Changes

I am making little changes in my life. I find it overwhelming to tackle a big list or big changes. Don't you? So, I am sticking with little changes. Here are a few of the little changes I have made in the past year:

Drink more water
I accomplished this by buying a Brita water pitcher. I keep chilled water on hand. This works for me. It has to be good for me-right? Also, at restaurants I try to drink water, because it is free & good for me!

Cut down on Diet Coke
I have eliminated that wonderful afternoon diet Coke. I just decided that it could be the tipping point of causing those painful kidney stones. On a very rare occasion I will have a d.c. & then it is a big treat for me!

Organize a shelf or drawer a day
Once I get in the mood I usually organize more than a drawer or shelf, but it is less daunting to tackle one small specific place. If I break it into a quick project, then I tackle it.

I should exercise several times a week. I have found that if I try just to exercise twice a week, I do better than having to exercise 5 times/week. Also, my goal is 20-30 minutes each time. I find that once I start to exercise, I will actually do more than 30 minutes.

I haven't tackled any big projects. I haven't made any big changes. But I am making progress. I feel more in control. I feel less depressed. I think the little changes are working for me. I will keep adding little changes. What little changes have you made & how have the changes helped you?


  1. Great list! You can do it! I've been trying to get dressed to my shoes on most days. It's so easy as a mom to just wear sweats and cruddy jeans and get things done! I've pulled out the fun tights, skirts, and boots...and I feel better for it. It's become a uniform of sorts- even when I have nowhere to go.
    I've also been drinking more water....I gave up the diet drinks a year ago..tough to do I know!

  2. Hi Cathy diet drinks are something I cut out a while ago you will,,,the diet coke make you crave carbs..for me anyway hey did you use the blog designer on this page to help you do this ??? Looks great, I sent you a note hope you got it about my beach bags thanks,
    stay in touch I'm still tweaking my layout i have some ideas but don'y know how to import them yet ill keep u posted suzanne pignato

  3. Great list, love the organize a shelf a day! I think I'm actually gonna try that... yes indeed, TRY... ;o)
    Your blog is lovely Cathy! Have a sweet day.

  4. this is all good stuff. We bought a water cooler a while back. I can't drink cold water..only room temp. for some reason. On my daily to do list I put I keep a running tab of how much H20 I'm drinking during the day. Now, the excercise is something I have to get better at! I'm not a soda drinker at! Love the drawer a day too!! Keep going!

  5. Diet Cokes and all soda leads to kidney stones so it's very good that you aren't drinking them. There are studies that show eating asparagus helps with stones. I'll have to look up specifically the name of was called Medica something or the other and dates back to 1759.


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