Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Anti-Procrastination Tuesday List, 3rd Tuesday in May

33 soccer games in 41 days~I survived! We have a brief reprieve before school lets out & swim & dive practices & meets begin.

Here is last week's list & noted progress:

  1. Clean office (lots of rain in forecast, so this will be happening!)~will post pics, if I am brave enough! Done. This was a major undertaking! I was motivated because I wanted to donate items to a rummage sale where the proceeds would go toward literacy. See pics below.
  2. Organize receipts Done
  3. Purchase shutters  I am going to "test paint" a pair & see if I like the results. I didn't like the cost of replacing them! I may end up replacing them if the sanding, priming & painting of 2 final coats don't go as expected. Will definitely post about this as I make progress. 
  4. Research purchase of Wagner Paint Sprayer & also a Power Washer~need both but don't want to spend my money unless I am getting a good return! After reading your comments & talking with a few people I decided I didn't actually need a paint sprayer for my remaining projects. I did find that I could borrow one from a friend. Decided to borrow the pressure washer from a sweet neighbor. I will probably buy one in the future, but will do a bit of research first. 
  5. Finish last coat on picnic table & benches. Still on list as weather did NOT cooperate~maybe this week?
  6. Finalize decision on kitchen chairs Done & ordered! Will post pics at a later date.
  7. Catch up with 3 friends either via lunch, girls day or phone Everyone is so "busy" but I did have a quick lunch with a friend, spent the morning with another & unexpectedly had dinner with some friends! I do have a lunch date & coffee date scheduled with 2 other friends. I am looking forward to the girl time!
Office After:

Artwork has been hung (thanks hubby!):

My inspiration for my note cards was Mary Woodin's Painted Garden. My folios of notecards sit next to Mary's book:

Now don't be scared, but here is the horrible before:

This is a hardworking office as it also doubles as a warehouse for my botanical note cards for my business, White Linen Goods, www.whitelinengoods.com There are approximately 25,000 cards, 25,000 envelopes & 4,000 folios (that is how they are packaged) stored here. Also, the office encompasses the sample books for my retail stationery business. Lastly, my personal paperwork is handled here. And once in awhile you will find one of the kids in here printing off reports or school info. 

New List for week of 5/18
  1. Finish last coat on picnic table & benches. Hoping for better weather!
  2. Test paint shutter
  3. Clean out  8 baskets & ready mud room for summer with place for goggles, towels & flip flops!
  4. Purchase stain for kids swingset (sweet talk hubby into pressure washing it for me!)
  5. Catch up on paperwork
  6. Post about French inspired giveaway
  7. Plan teacher thank you gifts
I put some indoor & outdoor projects on my list for this week because there is still rain in the forecast. bummer...

I am linking up with Amy @ New Nostalgia for Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays. 

I will leave you with a few of my recent favorite flower shots!

This one is an inspiration photo for Pam:

Here is hoping that there is plenty of sunshine in your future! xoxo,


  1. Oh WOW Cathy, I am impressed with this office, a little jealous to be honest. Love the colors, love the art, love your organization, and now I get your name, check it off! COOL! Thanks for your kind words on my post...

  2. The colors in that office are spectacular. Love it.
    And as a side note, I have the same crock pot. It is currently full of pork for BBQ sandwiches for dinner. Gotta love a good crock pot!

  3. Okay! I need you desperately. Please help me. Your office is so lovely. I want one just like it. I really am going to make a list for next week. This week is already almost 1/2 over. Good excuse, Huh?
    Have a good night.
    :) Jen

  4. Thanks for your sweet comments! Do you think the crock pot should go back in here? I have to make deadlines for myself or I will blog all day! I am loving these anti-procrast days because it is holding me accountable! I have had the art for a long time & finally decided that I could make this space very feminine. My favorite piece is above my desk & it is a proof of all my cards on one big sheet. So glad I finally decided to hang it!

    Debbie, you always leave me kind comments, so I try to return the favor. You inspire us with all of your fun & colorful projects!

    Jen D., will you post your bbq recipe?

    Jen, never too late to start your list. Just put 1 or 2 things on there that you need to get done before school is out!

  5. Wow! Love...love...love your office! The color is beautiful and I am in love with the painting!

    This is my first visit to your blog...I look forward to following along!


    A funny little side note...I am Cathy M too;)!

  6. The office is looking awesome! I love all of the fun colors. And pffffft... have you seen my son's play room? Let us not talk about scary!

  7. Cathy- another award waiting for you on my blog! I know you just got one...but I picked you too!
    Ok...now I need to go back and look at your office pictures a second time...

  8. I want to see the cards above your desk! Your office is spectacular! The colors are beautiful and I love your white open ladder shelves! It would have taken me a year to figure out how to make things on there look nice! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

  9. Sorry...one more thing! Notecards...do you sell them? You don't have an Etsy store! I am a collector of notecards! My family lives out of state...so I send LOTS of mail!

  10. What a great makeover Cathy!! I love the way it turned out...so cheerful. Checking out your business now too! Oh and I posted a BBQ recipe last week if you're interested. ;)

  11. Wow!!! LOVE it!! Thank you for the inspiration. We are still trying to get our walls painted. I haven't posted anything on AP Tuesdays in 2 weeks.

  12. heelllooooo...... love the office reorganization...i'm thinking there should be some white paint on that desk ...would really open that room up...what do u think??? just add to the list baby...and by the way glad to see that you
    are sharing your world of stationary ....xoxoxosuzanne

  13. That is a DREAM home office space. LOVE the leaning bookshelves!

  14. Your office is gorgeous. The lighting is sublime. I love your colors and that piece of artwork is something I would definitely buy. I was reading in reader and that image made me open up to read your blog in full.

  15. You inspire me to get off my ass!!!

  16. Cathy I love your office!! So pretty and feminine, I love the accents of pink and is so serene at the same time. Just beautiful. :)

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to comment on my engagement post last week. Thanks for being the inspiration for it. I really hadn't thought about blogging about it since it was a few years ago but I'm glad I did and everyone was so sweet.

    I loved reading your story too. So wonderful to hear how happy and fresh it is after so many years! :)


  17. Great job!!!! I love it! You did a great job and it looks so clean and organized. I love you soft colors. I am your newest follower!

  18. Thanks Cathy for your sweet comment...I do try to answer everyone, as I want to go to other blogs and see what is happening...blogging is give and take....I understand we can't always make every post...but I like to check in on occasion, and it is always fun coming over to you:) Yes, you are right about the boating post...that was way back in the beginning...I remember our connection there. We are going out Sunday. I can't wait!

  19. oh Cathy! Your office looks amazing! I'm so impressed by your list! And thank you for inspiring me! Your yard looks amazing too...

  20. The after office looks great!! Mine is worse than your before, very sad to say that...

  21. Cathy! That is gorg! Your "horrible" before of the office is still clean as far as I'm concerned!


    That link will take you to the sheet music I used. Let me know if it doesn't work :)

  22. oh wow, that is one nicely organized office. :) i could sooo use your skills here with my spare bedroom which has been on hold until my back is all the way better.
    and gorgeous flowers, so pretty!
    have a great weekend!

  23. WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm so impressed. Your office looks fabulous. That must have been so much work. I bet you just smile every time you walk in there.

  24. I just want to come over and sit in that room. It is so fun and so cheery and so organized!! Love your before and after pics, GREAT JOB!! Thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays" I will for sure be featuring you tomorrow!!

  25. Absolutely beautiful Cathy! It's so open and spacious and the colors are inviting and fun.

  26. My office is about 30 times worse than your before pictures right now. It is such a mess...so hard to keep a room like that organized for me! I love what you've done with yours....you've given me lots of great ideas for when I finally get around to doing mine up the way I want it!


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