Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Christmas Card Reveal

This year's card was from Tiny Prints:

Inside Left

Holiday Message


 A couple of things that I love about this card are:

  • the story that it tells about our family, its early beginnings & what we enjoy doing together~read more below
  • it sounds crazy but I love the gate fold (the fold is along the left, opens like a book)
  • the ability to use so many pictures
  • being able to choose from so many fonts & creating my own custom greeting
  • all of our legs outstretched, especially Ana's! Yes, she has super long legs like her Daddy!

 **This is a very low light day here in the Midwest! The pics do not accurately portray the level of photo quality, which is very good. I tried with flash, without flash & in different settings & this was the best I could come up with.**

The Story of This Card
The story of this card is 17 years in the making! The first day I met my husband, we biked 20 miles together. It is funny how a bike ride lead us to this incredible life with three children. Although, we don't put in much mileage these days, we do love to ride these bikes at the lake with our family. We bike to the pool. We bike to friend's houses. We go on little excursions. Everyone else uses a golf cart, but we love the simplicity of our "beach cruisers".  I love the baskets for towels & goggles. Hubby likes his drink holder, which is usually occupied by my afternoon Diet Coke. I got the idea to purchase the beach cruisers when I saw a picture of Kim on her bike.

I love getting holiday cards. It is my very favorite thing of the season. It is a chance to connect with others that we care about, but perhaps don't see too often. I love getting photos of family and friends. The kids scream with excitement as they open the cards each day. It is true joy!

Wouldn't you like to see what others are doing for their holiday card? Me too! So here is my first Linky Party!! If you are a blogger and would like to share anything related to your Holiday card, please link to your post below. It could be choosing the photo or card, past cards, or your current card. It could even be a post about procrastination of sending out cards!




  1. Now this card is unique and amazingly thoughtful!! Love love love it.
    Have a wonderful Advent season, Cathy xxxx

  2. WIN for the best card this season! I love the card and your story behind it!

  3. Cute card! Wish I'd had had list of card companies who do a good job with customization before I got started. Lucked out and am happy with ours, though. It's so satisfying when it all comes together well :)

  4. Hi Cathy I came by earlier but for some reason my computer wouldn't download your comments section, just the post. The cards look so good. You are so creative. I love the backside shot. I've got an opportunity to do some Valentine's cards with Tiny Prints, and I want to think of something really special. This gives me some ideas.
    I'll definitely link up. A great idea!

  5. Hi Cathy,

    As always, your card was the first one received! Well done! As for me, I'm turning ours into New Year cards so they can include our new address. Lazy yet practical!


  6. Cathy! I LOVE it! Love that you were able to include all those photos, that you have that fun back shot, and that you're all on beach cruisers! Are you saying you only just recently got all those bikes? How fun!!! We love, love, love to ride our cruisers too. (and shhh..don't tell anyone, but we take a golf cart to the beach in the summer b/c we drag down all kinds of boards.)

    I need to get my cards going!

  7. Thanks Cathy! And I love your bike! I want one like that!! Your card is fabulous...

  8. Awesome card showcasing your beautiful family! As the kids get older, we don't take nearly as many pictures, but I need to make sure we occasionally get these family photos that will mean so much to us some day!

  9. Hi Cathy! Your family is beautiful and just love the card!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and it is so fun to meet others that have been to Glen Lake! It is my favorite spot in the world! Do you still go? Your blog is so great and inspiring and I look forward to seeing more! :)

  10. That card is freaking adorable! So colorful (you know I love me some color)-- and the back picture rocks.

    I am so linking up as soon as I can get my $#&% card out the #$%$ door! I am sooo frustrated. I have gone to THREE stores to get envelopes that are big enough. No one has any and I'm going to SCREAM.

    Is it lame that I am waiting to send them out before the big reveal? Maybe, huh?

  11. Hi! We are crafting our cards this I'm not quite ready but I'll be back to link up soon.
    I love your card so much.
    The colors...the story...the back... so cute!

  12. I will be sure to link up Cathy once my cards are done! We're not coming to Mansfield for Christmas...I have never been home for Christmas since I graduated sad! You just never know with the weather...and once you have kids you don't want to travel on Christmas! Maybe this spring?!
    I have a friend that lives in Lexington...Andrea Thompson. Do you know her?

  13. I used to be known for my cards and now with blogging I find myself so uninspired but I got one today from a friend and sighed and wished I had done it.
    YOURS is so cute!!! Thanks for your comment on my "birds".

  14. Great card and wonderful pitures. Thank goodness you remembered to colour co-ordinate everyone's clothes!
    Have a great weekend
    My French COUntry HOme

  15. Hi Cathy!! I haven't visited in so long...LOVE your beautiful Christmas card!!!! What an amazing family! Looks like you're having a wonderful Christmas season. Enjoy every minute and thanks so much for stopping in to see me!!
    Best of everything to you!! Love, Kelly

  16. Hi , I respect your perspective , but did you see the comment left after yours on my blog , from now on I will ask , not in a acusitory way but from a place of concern

  17. this was just see the photo first of all was adorable...but then to read on and come to know what significance biking has to your relationship with your hubby...well that was really something! I loved the romance of it have such a beautiful family..long legs and all!

    love the cheery blues and greens....well done..and the class riding off precious! really and truly I am blown away by the sweet tenderness of this post!

    have a great weekend!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  18. correction.....
    i meant to say....the 'CLASSIC' RIDING OFF FINALE PHOTO....
    not 'class'...that don't make no sense, girl!


    my bad!
    ciao again


    I also love that it tells a story--and I picked up biking this year, so love the bike angle!

    My Christmas cards were so lame--a fairly cool store-bought card with a print from Heidi's wedding and a quick note. Usually I'm a little more creative, but I just didn't have the time.
    But I do have to say--they were all mailed early this week, so there's something to be said for simplicity!

  20. Awwwww! CUTE! You're family is beautiful and I love the turquoise! Screams 2010!

  21. love this card cathy! definitely not what you see every day...i mean literally, i feel like i get the same card over and over from people. love the back shot, so cute!

  22. Love your card! I just linked up mine. Its my favorite thing to get in the mail. :>) Thanks for doing this link up!

  23. Cathy your blog is so fun and I am in LOVE with your holiday cards. Bikes. How absolutely darling.

  24. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Putting it in my favorites so I can copy it someday. :)

  25. i am loving that christmas card with the turquoise great idea hey I finally posted yesterday but for some reason it's not showing up that i have published a new post so check it our and let me know what you think...hey call me when you can ...suzanne merry christmas ...

  26. I love the story of this card! I'm sad I just barely got around to coming to see it! Beautiful.
    Love, Shawni


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