Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Healthy Eating, Part 2 and The DC Trip

A few weeks ago I decided to start tracking my calories. I thought it would be easy. It hasn't been easy, but it has been rewarding. In less than a month I have lost 5 pounds! I simply signed up on www.livestrong.com. I found that I was eating too many calories for breakfast and that my daily sodium intake was far too high. A key factor in this has been changing my eating habits. The first one I had to change was breakfast. I found that eggbeaters are low in calories, have no cholestrol, have no sodium and actually taste good! Here is proof of a tasty low cal healthy breakfast:

I continued to eat healthy on my trip to Washington DC to chaperone my daughter's 8th grade trip. It wasn't easy, but the commitment to eat healthy while on "vacation" paid off for me. I didn't gain weight...it probably helped that we walked upwards of 10 miles per day!

All trips have highlights and lowlights. Let's stick with the highlights:

  • I enjoyed seeing new, fascinating sights
  • I am still torn on which monument is my favorite
  • It was a pleasure to get to know these kids better; some have unbelievable stress in their lives!
  • At times I was speechless & emotional while learning more about the history of our nation
  • I loved taking photos of the kids. It took awhile to manage 10-15 cameras, but they will have the photos forever!
  • Although we toured for 3 straight days and we were near exhaustion, we only saw a tidbit of our great capitol city. I will definitely go back with the rest of my family!
  • I also learned that when your friend has your back, you have nothing to worry about!
Time for photos:

This is part of the group at the beginning of the trip in the Metro station, looking rested & ready to go. My daughter Ana is the one with her thumb up:

Me with Ana in front of the US Capitol Building:

What Ohioans do when they travel: O H I O in front of the Capitol Building

The incredible architecture inside the US Capitol Building:

A picture of the whole group minus chaperones (around 50 kids). What a job to keep that many kids and adults on track and moving in the right direction!

Always time for a quick hug before the 4d movie at the Newseum:

This is such a powerful message. I admit that it was quite humbling to read this and realize how fortunate I am to live in the U.S. where free speech and free press are allowed:

The Mostly Ghostly night tour in Alexandria:

Ana and me with George & Martha Washington at Mount Vernon and yes, my daughter is now taller than I am:

A cute photo of the kids at Mount Vernon:

Arlington Cemetery, beautiful, yet somber and thought provoking:

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the playing of Taps a little later was heart~wrenching:

At the Lincoln Memorial (this is a tough place to get a photo because it is crowded with people!

The Vietnam War Memorial:

A quick stop between the Holocaust Museum and the American Museum of Natural History, with the Washington Monument in the background, brrrrrr:

I loved the live butterfly exhibit in the Museum of Natural History:

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom at the tidal basin. I decided it was too cold for a pedal boat ride!

No description needed here:

The Jefferson Memorial:

I did miss a few photo ops like at the White House, National Archives and Arlington House. And it didn't seem appropriate at the Holocaust Museum.

I think if a trip changes your thinking in some way, then it is valuable. This trip was valuable in so many ways. I also learned that I have an amazingly sweet daughter. Priceless, wouldn't you agree?



  1. I love Washington! your trip seems fantastic!

    Will you keep posting about your healthy meals? I really need them. You should see the crap I eat. I just need alternatives, you know?

  2. Beautiful Cathy! And the Freedom of speech photo is amazing...I must say I'd love to tack that to everyone's heads to remember some days! Looks like a priceless trip to me! And reminds me that staying home with my kids so I can take advantage of trips like this to come are so so worth it. I know you work but you do an amazing job of balancing it all. Hats off to you my dear! Love and hugs! LT

  3. Yay for you and the healthy eating...I need to enforce this on myself. And yay for the fun field trip. I am leaving for Williamsburg, VA tomorrow to chaperone my son's fifth grade trip. A little nervous..but hoping that we have as much fun as you all did. The flowers are gorgeous there. You got some great pics. Enjoy your week!

  4. Looks like you had so much fun...I will do that DC trip someday! And I've been doing the same with my food...not so much calories, just writing down what I eat...like you said not easy, but very informative!

  5. Maybe I need to start counting calories too...great job Cathy! Your breakfast looks like something you would get at a quaint little restaraunt!
    Looks like a fun field trip...you got some great pictures!

  6. What a fabulous trip! You got to see so many wonderful things.......and with your sweet daughter! My sister takes her eighth graders to Washington each year. I keep telling her tp pick me as a chaperone so I can go! So glad you had a wonderful time!

  7. Cathy,
    I'm on the healthy eating bandwagon too. Some days I feel like its worth it... : ) I've been seeing so many posts about Washington DC lately. It would be a place I would love to visit!

  8. Hi Cathy! What a wonderful trip! Isn't Washington DC just beautiful! I got chills when I saw your pic of the cemetery. I remember going there and just being so humbled and thankful for what they have done for us. I went when I was in 8th grade and still remember almost everything. My daughter has the chance to go next year so we have been talking about that. That is wonderful that you were able to go with her and share that experience together. :)

  9. Good on you tracking your calories and losing weight. Not that you need to. I am terrible about what I eat. I know I eat way over the calories I should. It's these late nights staying up on the computer that kill me.

    Your trip to DC looks like so much fun! I am totally impressed that you went on an 8th grade field trip. And that you survived. But what a great shared memory for you and your daughter. :)

  10. I am so incredibly in awe of you for sticking to your livestrong tracking - yay, Cathy!! I tried something very similar about 2 years ago and it's not easy at all!!

    This DC trip looks amazing - I used to live right there (Georgetown neighborhood) for the first 3 years out of college - and you definitely hit all the right stops!! Aren't those cherry blossoms amazing?!

    Can't believe how tall your daughter is - mine is gaining on me, too ... look out!!


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