Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meeting Michelle

It is funny in blogland how you "meet" people through different ways and become "friends" through common interests. Or how you can visit a place just once and it grips your heart and never lets go?Michelle from Emerald Cove and I found that we both have a love for Glen Lake (Michigan) and became fast friends. I love her blog and all of her beach~inspired projects. She has always been a kind blogger friend, making sweet comments and sending me emails when we found something interesting between us!

My husband and I made plans to vacation in the Glen Lake area because we were really missing the dunes and the beauty of the area. One day I was reading Michelle's blog and noticed that she was going to be away for awhile and I immediately knew she would be at Glen Lake. I emailed her and I told her when we would be at Glen and asked if she would she also be there. As it turned out our vacations would overlap and then we exchanged cell numbers.

When Michelle called me, I was helping my husband put our boat in the water at Glen Lake. Michelle and I made a plan that I would pull up waterside to their vacation spot. I was a bit nervous. As it turned out, there was nothing at all to be nervous about! Michelle waded out to our boat and even though we were meeting for the first time, it felt like greeting an old friend! We had an awesome afternoon on the water with both of our families. I was glad that we were able to meet each other's families! We found that we also have another thing in common.

We are both slalom skiers. Holy cow look at that gigantic rooster tail!!! Very impressive!

Michelle and her family that we enjoyed so much:

My daughter and Michelle's son:

Michelle's kiddos having a blast on the tube:

My 3 kiddos:

Officially friends, not "just" bloggy friends:

Michelle and I also enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and pinkish skies over Lake Michigan!

On the way home for our trip, my hubby and I were talking about the events of our trip and he asked my what my highlights were and the first one I rattled off was meeting Michelle. It was such a great time meeting her and I see us getting together in the future. And you can bet it will be at our favorite place that brought us together. Love you Glen Lake, for so many reasons!



  1. I popped over from Michelle's blog to say hello. Love the pictures of your two families sharing time together. The blog world is wonderful when it comes to making new friends!

    Kat :)

  2. such a great story, cathy!! i love that you got to spend time together and that it all fell right into place "in real life" ... so fun!! the last photo of the sunset over lake michigan is my favorite - i grew up summers at lake charlevoix (an hour north of traverse city - near petosky) and those lake michigan sunsets are really one of a kind ... absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oh Cathy, its soooo nice to meet you!
    I came over from my dear,dear friend, Michelles blog, and now in tears with the happiness I can see
    How beautiful that you both got to spend some time together at the places your hearts both adore so much!!
    Thanks for sharing your joyful day with us!!
    I am now following you in friendship (purehunnybee is my name on my photo)
    By the way, is that Michelle on the skis? Looks like her! :)
    What a brave soul!!! Lol
    Have a wonderful weekend and so glad to meet you.

    Deborah xo

  4. Any friend of Michelle's I just have to come over and meet! :-) She is absolutely the sweetest and it is just so neat that the 2 of you got to meet in person. I'm looking forward to checking out your blog too!

  5. Isn't that Michelle just the sweetest, kindest gal? LUV her! We had the chance to finally meet up - after blogging with each for a year - at Allegan Flea Market last month. She's meeting me there again this Sunday, and I can hardly wait to see her again! I consider her my younger sister! :) Loved seeing your photos of Glen Lake, Cathy. Now I know why you both love it there so much. It's just beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  6. I wish I looked like that in a bikini.

    That is all I can say.

  7. Looks like a beautiful place Cathy...and so cool that you got to meet a blog friend too!! Your photos are gorgeous!

    *note to self: never meet Cathy in the summer where I might have to wear a swimsuit!

  8. Coming by from Michelle's blog...happy that you guys got to meet up and sounds like you all had a blast!!


  9. Hi Cathy~~I agree...Michelle is the neatest person ever. We met her at the market last month. It was a wonderful day!!
    Glen Lake looks like a great place for some fun....We are on Houghton Lake. Where is Glen Lake from here?
    Have a great weekend.

  10. hi again, cathy - after your sweet comment today, i just checked a map for glen lake and see that it's right on the other side of traverse bay from lake charlevoix - how i wish i still went there, we'd be neighbors!! no wonder i recognized that gorgeous sunset ;-) happy summertime, friend!

  11. Just stopping in to relive some great times!! :) Also to let you know that I am thinking about you.

    Hugs to you!!!!

  12. Yay! This is so cool! So glad that you got to meet each other and spend the day on this beautiful lake!

  13. How fun! What a great way to get to know each other. That looks like a blast! One of these days we're going to have to get together and paddle. How far is it from VA to Ohio?


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