Monday, June 20, 2011

Progress June 2011

We have had a rather unusual start to summer. The weather has been overcast and cool. We are still marching forward and hoping that summer soon shows its face around here!

A lily and phlox from my garden:

One pic is never enough of my flowers:

A little progress has been made at our home, going from this:

To this:

And from this :

To this:

Think I spent hundreds of dollars for custom coverings? Try ""cut to size" cellular shades from Home Depot for less than $130 for 4 rather large, hard to find window sizes. These would cost more than $1,000 had they been custom ordered. My sweet hubby hung them for me and the entire family is overjoyed that we have relief from the sun at dinnertime!

I am documenting one little project at a time, to show the progress that we make around here. In the meantime my oldest daughter has been doing a lot of babysitting, while my son has been working on a new hair color...oh my! Stay tuned for more pictures!

Cathy M.


  1. Don't you hate HATE how much window coverings are?? Those are awesome for an awesome price. We're having issues with our basement windows (i.e., I won't spend $450 per window for plantation shutters.)

  2. Looking at your yard through your windows makes me feel dismayed about mine. You do such a nice job!

  3. that is such a great tip on the Home Depot shades - these look fabulous, wow! I may actually stop over there today, we've been holding off on a window that brings blinding morning light into the kitchen b/c of the expense to custom cover a 60-year old window ... thanks, cathy!!

  4. I love how simple they hardly notice them...I had to look twice to find what the difference was between before and after! I love that. Your windows are so pretty!

  5. Oh, I love the shades! I spent a fortune on custom reed shades for the downstairs windows b/c we had some funky sizes. When it came time to do our bedroom I got smart and went to HD for some cut to size for 1/10th of the price. And I love it just as much.


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