Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Profession

I have been contemplating a new profession for awhile now. I have crossed one off the list. Sports Photographer. Whew, standing sideways in cold temps is not for me! I was happy to get a few good pictures, but could not take fumbling with the buttons (no gloves) and trying to get the right angle! I also had to make sure I was not in the path of skiers and snowboarders who might or might not hit the jump correctly. I was wearing my helmet but that wouldn't help much if someone crashed into me!

Foster hitting the jump with a grab:

I love the clouds in this photo and how he is silhouetted:

This one is a great skier for only 9 years old! All smiles from Marissa:

Hubby, looking cool in his new goggles. So glad he taught our kids to ski.

Fun shot, taken by a friend:

Notice the cloudless, blue sky:
Although it has been a very mild winter (with lots of rain), it is still winter and we are getting through it by having fun on the slopes.

I have been trying to eat healthy, but I really love snacking. This is so healthy!  Mmmm, air popped popcorn next to my cute February calendar. A great afternoon snack. Low cal, too. Sometimes I squeeze a little fresh lime and add a bit of cracked pepper for a bit of flavor.
So tell me how you are getting through the winter. Are you longing for sunshine and the beach, like I am? Are you eating healthy and exercising? Tell me. I need some tricks to get me through winter. I am ready for winter to be over and for summer to be here.



  1. Vacation planned to Key West....not sure I would otherwise make it!

  2. We are wanting to go skiing...but not much snow in our Carolina Mts right now...sadly. Your pics are great! You are all so cute!

  3. I am sooo ready too. I had a difficult January. Yay for January to be over! I really need sunshine.

    So-- first off you guys are always doing something awesomely fun!

    Secondly, I have tried to fill up my "down" winter time with fun activities-- picked up an awesome book, asked for movie recommendations, have been doing 30 Day Photo Challenges (highly recommend), painting my nails, let the kids have an ice cream party--
    I know. Just lame stuff. But that's how I get through (hubs is always out of town all winter. Boo.)

    In the meantime I'm planning for Summer!

  4. Great pictures Cathy! You guys sure seem to know how to have fun...whether it's winter or summer! Can you believe I have never been skiing in my life?! I'm not a fan of winter and being cold!

  5. wahhhh...we decided not to go skiing this year. It hurt to make that decision, but it was the right one. Your pictures are making me sad.

    I have been exercising, but I haven't been eating well. I haven't eaten nearly enough fruits and veggies lately. I am drinking green tea each night so at least I feel like I'm doing something sort of decent for my body. I love a cup of plain, hot green tea. Wish I had the willpower to trade all my Diet Coke in for the tea. Maybe someday.

  6. We are popcorn crazy here at the Bungalow. And sport photography. The hardest by far, especially with bright sky, white snow and trying to get your subject to be bright enough without everything else blown out. You did great!

  7. Cathy, Spring is almost here!!! I'm excited to eat outside every night and enjoy the warmth. It was so nice to see you on my blog. Made me smile.

  8. Judging at the pictures indeed you have a place in sports photography. Immersing ourselves with other talents other that what we have is a good personal investing.


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