Monday, March 18, 2013

Small Changes, Update #1

As I look at the calendar, I am surprised that it is already mid-March. 2013 is moving at a fast clip for me! I have been working really hard at my Small Changes. Some areas where I wanted to focus, I have completely abandoned! Other areas, I have been much more successful. I am sticking to small changes though and I am seeing some progress. I like that word, progress!

Healthy Eating
I have gone back to tracking my calories on and have been making very good healthy choices for meals and snacks. I have lost about 6 or 7 pounds with modifying my eating, tracking my calories and working out. Tracking calories can be difficult, but I love knowing that I am making better choices daily and that by doing so, I am also seeing a difference in my weight. Also, it is important for me to track my sodium intake, as I want to avoid developing kidney stones. {High sodium intake is associated with kidney stones}. 

Coffee Addiction
At the beginning of the 2013 (and for many years!!!)  I was addicted to coffee. The two biggest reasons for my coffee addiction are it gives me an energy boost {temporarily} and it keeps me warm during the chilly midwest winters. Are you ready for this small change? I have cut down to 1 cup a day. 1 cup, just one and no more!!! And I feel much better!! I am sleeping better and I have more energy throughout the day. I also get up more easily.

I also, have cut out diet soda (easy for me to do in the winter, not so easy in the heat of summer). If I feel the desire for another cup of coffee or a diet pop, I have something better instead....water or a hot green tea.

This is a very private subject for me. However, I am at a new point in my life with my relationship with God. And it is wonderful. I have a long way to go with my knowledge of the Bible, but I am eagerly seeking His word on a daily basis. I am trusting. It isn't easy for me, as I like to have a lot of control over a lot of things. I am learning to really believe, and it is so freeing. We changed churches and religions about 1.5 years ago and it was the very best decision for our family. We are now part of an awesome "Life Group" where we meet and pray for each other's children. {WOW!} Our attendance at church has  increased greatly. And we are just enjoying our spiritual journey as a family. And as a couple. I picked up this book last week and my husband and I are enjoying reading this together. Amazing book. Go get it and share it with someone you love! 

Home Organization
Nada. Nothing. Not happening here. Not yet. Maybe soon? Ski season just ended so there is some HOPE that something in the near future will be organized! Last week as I was hunting for a picture to send my mom for her 70th birthday, I had a mini panic attack as I realized that I haven't organized photos in photo boxes, nor the computer that holds upward of 9 years photos. Closets are bursting and drawers are disheveled. I am going to write "Home Organization" on sticky notes and place them throughout the house...maybe little reminders will get me going? Maybe as I see the sticky reminders all over the house I will feel the more motivated. I hope so.

When I was in the bookstore last week (a rather rare occasion now that I have a Kindle) I found this super cute series of books, Cupcake Diaries, for my little baker who is 10 years old. She hadn't been reading very much and I thought this might do the trick. Yep, she is on the second book and she is hooked on them! This would be a great gift in an Easter basket!!

How are you doing on your goals for 2013? I hope to hear from you. And if you live where spring has already sprung, go ahead an torture me with your warm temps and sunny pictures! 

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  1. Good to hear from ya!! I wish I had your motivation with healthy eating! I'm soooo bad. Keep the updates coming because I love them!

  2. Good stuff Cathy! I could sure learn some stuff from you as far as healthy eating goes! You're such an inspiration to me. I am enjoying following you on instagram!

  3. Cathy!
    I'm so excited to come over and read all these things you are working on in your life....
    I love living an intentional life....and it seems like you do to.

    It ry to drink one cup of coffee each day, sure does help with sleep at night! And, I gave up diet drinks about 7 years glad I did! You will be, too, I'm sure!

    Praying for you as you continue to journey with husband is a small groups director at our church, and we can't imagine not being part of a group of like-minded people, who journey with us. I'm praying with you as you read the bible...for me, it has been a life-line...especially in these health scares I've been in. I can so understand your need and love for control....there with's amazing how this recent health scare has challenged my lack of real control.

    Your honesty and transparency is beautiful.

  4. Love small changes. Just making a visit - it's been AGES. Yes, yes, yes - STOP drinking diet soda - unless you like formaldehyde on the brain. Serious. That stuff is so dangerous!


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