Friday, February 5, 2010

Impending storm~WHAT TO COOK?

Forecast: Snow
I knew we would be getting another snow storm. In mid-Ohio we usually get a big one in February & March. I love the excitement that builds when a big snowstorm is forecasted, in advance. I find myself asking everyone, "Are you ready for the snowstorm?" "Do you think that they will send the kids home early?""When do you think it will start snowing?" I love to get everyone's reaction! That's the best part. Yesterday, I got a voice mail from a friend saying she was preparing for the storm. What exactly was she doing to prepare? I haven't heard back from her yet, so I will let you know what she says.

My storm preparation: stock up on a few warm, yummy meals. It makes the time spent cooped up with family more enjoyable. This is a recipe for goulash. I love it because the ingredients are so simple that you can remember them while standing in a packed grocery store. Also, many of these items you probably already have at home!

As a kid, my Dad made the goulash, but I have adapted his recipe to my own after experimenting with what I like!

Cathy's Goulash
1 lb. hamburger (I use ground sirloin)
1 box rotini noodles
2 cans diced tomatoes
1 can corn
1 can green beans
salt, pepper, parmesan cheese

Brown hamburger, drain, set aside. Cook rotini noodles & drain. Mix together all ingredients & cook, while stirring till hot (about 5 mins). Serve hot & top with parmesan cheese. This is a great leftover. This is also delicious if you want to cook it ahead of time & then keep it warm in a crock pot! Isn't that easy? Enjoy!

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  1. Oh this reminds me of something my mom used to make...actually she'd just throw in whatever was on hand and call it goulash or casserole. Somehow, it always turned out great..and comforting. Great to meet another Midwestern gal...seems we might be few and far between out here in blogland. Stay warm!


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