Monday, February 8, 2010

Date with a Snow Plow Driver

Date with a Snow Plow Driver
Yes indeedy, we got hit with 10 or 12 inches of the white stuff this weekend! Which, if you read my blog or know me, is not a problem for me in February as I ski & think that snow is refreshing! The BIG news is that I had a date with a snow plow driver! Doesn't sound very glamorous does it? Well let's just say I needed a break from the kiddos & their energy. My husband was going out to plow. I decided to ride along with him & thus my date with a snow plow driver. It was scary & fun & I hope he asks me out on another date. I am pretty sure he will. We are due for another snowstorm in the next 24 hours. Wahoo-2 dates in one week?~I am keeping my fingers crossed!

My view on the thrill ride:

My date:

Earlier in the day with my ski buddy Miss A, in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day:
(My skis, on the right, are from K2, which supports Breast Cancer Research: )

Miss Boo:

Ski girls (like their Momma!):

Ok this is part of our clan, as my young guy, Mr. F., was hitting the jumps elsewhere:

My girls laughing with our neighbor, Mrs. W:

A delicious high energy drink for the girls: Shirley Temples, of course! (me in the background on my Blackberry!)

Hubby & me riding the ski lift (just like the old days, bk~before kids~):

A pretty pic outside my kitchen:

Hope you enjoyed a peak at my weekend. Now, I am attacking the list: return videos to Blockbuster, grab lunch, put away laundry.....

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