Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thinking About Spring

Seaport Belt
from llbean.com

I have an affinity for belts. This is one I am considering for spring. I love the blues, greens, pinkish reds....& the starfish!

Love these fun & practical rain shoes from Bogs. I think they would make me happy while slushing around town! You have to be happy while wearing polka dots!


I am really loving all of the ruffles for spring. This is simple, plain, pretty & could go anywhere! Hope you enjoyed thinking about spring with me & it didn't even cost you a penny!~Cathy


  1. I love all of your picks!! Those boots are adorable!! And J.Crew is my ultimate weakness!

  2. Love all your picks! Especially those bog boots, TOO CUTE! Cathy, I see in your profile that you love paper.
    I am crazy mad for beautiful papers and stationery! I used to own a stationery shop. Is that what you do?
    Sorry, I guess I better go and look at more of your profile and information, but I got so excited! xoxo

  3. Kelly, yes, I have my own line of botanical note cards that I sell to retailers & I also have a stationery business that I run our of my home!


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