Monday, February 15, 2010

1,355 miles in a weekend

a pic I took with my Blackberry, while bored on our journey:

I started traveling South (from Michigan) with my family in junior high~many years ago. Destinations like Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida & South Carolina. Those were long trips! We didn't have cell phones, thus no texting. We didn't have an ipod (or 3). My Mom didn't have a Blackberry. No dvd player in the Econoline van. No laptop. No personal dvd player, either. I think all we did was sleep, alot! It was the only way to avoid arguing with my 3 siblings! God bless my parents & their desire to get to warm weather, even though they had to endure 4 kids, without electronics!

Let's just say that my family's recent trip of 1,355 miles in a weekend was achievable because the kids were entertained! & yes they did sleep, too! The trip was well worth it just to spend time with my sis-inlaw +bro-inlaw & their 3 awesome boys. Their house was gorgeous & the waffles were "out of this world" wonderful! My kids thoroughly enjoyed the Georgia snow (????) & being with their cousins & their trip to the Coke Museum & the world's largest aquarium. We all survived. Only one bite mark. But that will be a good story... in years to come. Remember when you...?

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