Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning Girl

Are you a morning girl? Do you wake up before the sun rises? Do you spring out of bed? Do wake up whistling before the birds start to sing? Do you get 15 loads of laundry done by 10 am? Not me! But, I have a morning girl. And because the sun peeked me in the eye a little early today, I was able to capture my morning girl, who was off to fill her head with learning about probability, the Roman Empire, and other stuff she will need to know to be a successful chef, which is this year's future profession!

Morning girl didn't notice me. She had other things on her mind. Maybe that new, cute boy at school. Maybe wondering if her best friend was on the bus today. Maybe wondering why her legs were still sore from track practice. But then I noticed this:

Our dog, her bus stop companion, had noticed me! I couldn't tell what she was doing (through the telephoto lens). And then I realized she was doing this:

Yep, she was taking a picture of her companion, Bella, another morning girl. So maybe she will be a chef, maybe a photographer, maybe something else. But she will always be my morning girl.

I can't wait to see her this afternoon & see how her day went. Did you talk to the new boy? Did Miss K make it to school today? How did the history quiz go? Did you see me outside on the porch this morning in my pj's? Then comes the eye roll and the groan of "Mooommmmm!". I am looking forward to seeing my morning girl this afternoon, when I am awake & ready to go!

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  1. I sure wish I was a morning girl! After my coffee I perk up a bit:)!~


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