Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have been rather "distracted" lately. I haven't posted many blogposts lately, but let me assure that I have written quite a few. I just haven't had the energy to post them. It is that distraction thing going on.

I guess really what it comes down to is that I am worried. I am worried for a couple who really want to have a baby. I am worried that if the treatment doesn't work this time, that their hearts will break. And they will be such wonderful parents when the time comes. Please let that be now!

I am worried about a friend whose health has deteriorated. I am worried about how ill she looks & what it will take to get her back to her laughing, vivacious, spunky self.

I am worried about my oldest daughter. She is beginning a new sport & I am just hoping that she really likes it & that she will be able to create balance with studying.

I am worried about the mini-projects that are in place but haven't made any progress. Worried that soccer season will be here & that I won't have the projects checked off the list. Worried that new things will compete with the list (like getting my mailbox fixed from the run-in with the township snow plow-grrrrr!)

These worries are weighing on me & causing me to be distracted. I promise to get going & post some fun things & project completions soon. Stay tuned. I will be back with more great posts.


  1. Hugs to you! It's easy to let the worries get us down isn't it? I think everyone has seasons of worry, and when lots of things are going on, it can be so tough to let them go. Do something for you today....pick up some flowers, or a good cup of tea or coffee, and take care of yourself. I often find making things or sending real notes to people on my heart can take some of the worries away too. Thinking of you!

  2. I agree with Julie above...it's hard not to worry. I worry everyday! But I hate it! Worrying gets us nowhere does it? Be good to yourself...everything will work out as it should. Looking forward to more posts!!

  3. Totally agree with to two lovely ladies above... everything will work out just fine. You've made me curious ... bring on the next posts....
    Have a wonderful day! xo

  4. My father was a big believer in positive thinking and imaging ..he used to say to me don't worry ...be concerned..but..don't worry ..if worrying was a good thing i would worry 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week...you're too pretty to worry.... visualize what you want to happen instead of what you don;t want...just a little inspiration hope all goes well with your friend i had 5 miscarriages after my son ...and they found i had a blood clotting problem..i went recently to an anti- aging doctor who is into Bio Identical Hormone Therapy... check it out or google.....it s more of a holistic appproach ...if I had known about this then I would have totally worked this route...read the book by Suzanne Somers called "Breakthrough" it's eye-opening for sure..all the best suzanne.


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