Monday, March 22, 2010

The Music in My Life

I have tried to make music a part of my kids' life since they were rather young. It started by taking them to music classes. To be honest, I think I enjoyed the classes more than they did at the time! Their classes involved music & movement. They played with shakers & drums, held hands with the other kids, sang & danced. I have very fond memories & realize that many friendships developed from those classes. We usually went on Friday mornings & I always felt as if it were a reward for making it through the week! My children now are too old for those types of classes & it makes me a bit sad to think that this is true. 

This is a picture of Mr. F & Miss Boo from about 5 years ago @ music class:

Now we have voice lessons for Miss A and piano for Miss A, Mr. F & Miss Boo. Miss A has also played the violin & the cello. Mr. F. played the cello for a year, too. He also plays the electric guitar. And the trumpet. He is becoming quite talented at the trumpet. He has good musical genes as his uncle, grandfather & great-grandfather were trumpet players & his dad was a trombone player. I am looking forward to the outdoor practice sessions. Perhaps the neighbors will notice the sound that has been cooped up inside my home all winter. Since he won't be in school this summer, maybe he can practice when I am already awake, instead of the pre-7:00 am timeframe!

Mr. F  a few weeks ago, in an early morning practice session:

Miss A on the left with friend Miss I. They sang the national anthem (Miss A was 10 years old!) in  front of about 1,000 people prior to a swim meet. Then both girls swam in the meet, too. It was awesome!

Miss A a few years ago with the electric guitar:

The cello was a beautiful sound in our home. Although now it rests quietly in the music room. Isn't it funny how when you move into a new home, you have all these grand ideas of what you will do with the rooms & then over time it changes & develops into a use you hadn't thought of? So our dining room is now a music room. I love it and it makes me happy to know that I can plop down & listen in.

The piano was a hand me down & at the time, I wondered if we would ever use it. A few years back as we embarked upon a move, I wondered where we would put it in our "new" home. I am glad it made the move & that the kids have taken a few years of piano lessons. They have their first recital next month. I  think we are all a bit nervous about the performance.

From the archives circa 2004, this is a pic of my friend's daughter, Miss S along with Miss Boo & Mr. F. Funny how they love the piano when a friend comes over!:

These days we listen to the radio & the ipods & tune in every chance we get to American Idol. Times change & I know one day in the future I will miss the musical notes now being played out in my home. I am thinking about taking cello lessons. 


  1. Music is SO important for young ones in my opinion! Love that they're will always be a part of them, even if they take a break here and there. Play on!

  2. I totally agree! We bought a piano when the kids were real little. My oldest has played for 8 years..Hannah 2-3. I want to learn how to play the piano! It's something they'll always have...I'm all about the "life" sports and, golf, skiing, piano..your kids will thank you someday.


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