Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Scrapbook

What do you do with all of the snippets of life; concert/dance recital programs, newspaper clippings, certificates of achievements, sports programs/photos, heat sheets, ribbons, etc? Well I have a quick & easy answer! A few years ago when I attended my niece's graduation party, I was able to flip through her life via a 3 ring binder. My sis' mom-in-law, has saved & archived all of her important papers. It was awesome to flip through & see all that she had accomplished in her school years!

I had been saving these items for my kids since pre-school & throwing them into a drawer. But trust me, there was NO organization to it! As soon as I got home, I rushed to the office store & bought the clear sheet protectors. I use the *Avery* brand where it states "acid-free, archival-safe".

Recently I put them into the binders & did a quick "pretty up" to the binder using coordinating scrapbooking papers. This was a very easy & quick project & now all of my 3 kid's snippets of life are organized. My first grad party is in 5 years. I already have one thing checked off my list! Hope you like this idea~Cathy M


  1. Fabulous and quick idea! What a wonderful way to display and share their mementos! XO

  2. great great great idea ...have a sunny day when are you due to come to so flo.?

  3. Let's do a guest post of each other wouldn't that be fun...???let me know if you are interested..suzanne

  4. I love this idea! I am going to plan some time so that I can run to the store and get some clear sheet protectors and definitely start this project. Thanks so so much for the link!


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