Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The List, 2nd Tuesday in May 2010

I have been participating in Anti Procrastination Tuesdays at New Nostalgia. This is a great way to see what needs done & how much progress you can make in a week. I am loving this idea! I must admit that it is rather embarrassing to actually publish my to do list! 

My list from last week (5/2/10)
  • new custom blog header! Almost done. Do you like the new header? (The OLD one was just plain boring text! This is actually a photo of stationery that I sell from Donovan Designs &  some newly downloaded fonts. I followed this tutorial from Clover Lane & was inspired by this awesome blogger from England.
  • check on couch & chairs that I found through a friend~think transformation! Purchased!! I have also purchased some fabric that I will test this summer. I have decided to let the kids try it out & then see if I want to proceed with the transformation this fall. It is heavy rattan & wood furniture in a very pretty neutral color. I bought a couch, 2 chairs, an ottoman and a side chair for $100. It is good quality & the fabric/cushions need updated. I think it was a great deal!
  • research painting/replacing shutters Researched. Shutters measured. New shutters to be purchased this week!
  • wash porches & get out porch furniture (now that pine trees are done spilling forth the yellow dust!) Thanks Hubby!!! Almost ready for summer!
  • finish interview with my best blogging buddy *you will love her*!! See my interview with Suzanne Pignato of beachhouse etc here! 
Remember, I was also painting an old picnic table & benchesIt is almost done! One more coat to go, when the rain decides to depart. But for now you can see a bit of the newly painted bench below (remember when I bought these from our local antique store? This is why I had to have them!):



This week's List (5/11/10)
  1. Clean office (lots of rain in forecast, so this will be happening!)~will post pics, if I am brave enough!
  2. Organize receipts
  3. Purchase shutters
  4. Research purchase of Wagner Paint Sprayer & also a Power Washer~need both but don't want to spend my money unless I am getting a good return!
  5. Finish last coat on picnic table & benches
  6. Finalize decision on kitchen chairs
  7. Catch up with 3 friends either via lunch, girls day or phone
Many other things on the list, but we will stop there!

Check back later this week. I am going to have a ~french inspired giveaway~ and tell you more about some fantastic fonts!!

Until then...be blessed while the seasons change...ahhhh, i love summer...and the rhododendrons outside my laundry room tell me that it is only a few weeks away..they are saying...hang in there...summer is on its way!

Happy blooms to you,


  1. I'm glad to see you got things checked off. I love lists. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but I still love them.
    We bought a paint sprayer a few years ago (maybe 6?), and it was a good investment. We used it a ton when we lived in our fixer-upper house, and they take up garage space, but not too much.
    My vote--definitely worth it, if you're willing to clean it. Because cleaning it is beastly.

  2. Just look at all the stuff you crossed off your list. I still haven't made my list yet. Teach me...please.
    Great new header! The picnic bench looks awesome!
    Lots of rain here too....but summer is coming for sure!
    Have a great day!

  3. I'm hanging! Those vases are just adorable and great with the flowers. Just beautiful. Great job tackling your list and planning the next list. Way to go!

  4. Your white bench looks so FRESH! Your rhododendrons look just like ours outside our kitchen window! I was going to take a picture of them to post...but now I'm not so sure...my picture will never look as good as yours! :)

  5. What a great idea...I love lists too...maybe I should join in on that party. Love your new header...great job. This rainy weather has me longing for summer too. boo, rain. boo.

  6. Just found your blog. I'm also a mom, newbie gardener and skier (snow only here). I LOVE your bench. Great job!

    I also posted on your Mother's Day post.

  7. love the new header and good for you and your lists-and progress!i must say you totally got me inspired to start in on my spare bedroom...wow..it's gonna take a while but in a month I want to have the room cleaned out, carpet ripped up and painted. love your table, so cute!

  8. I'm so impressed at all you got done.
    What a great idea, to commit to doing stuff so publicly :)

  9. I am WICKED impressed! You got some major things done! And I LOVE the new header!! I'm glad you have on your to-do list some fun things...lunch with friends is a must!! happy weekend Cathy!!

  10. Hi Cathy, love your sweet little vases with these perfect pretty pink flowers!

    Hugs for a great new week. xxoo

  11. I totally need to start this cklist bit. on mine there would be items like: fold laundry!, wash the dogs, brush my hair. sad... but i heard it will get better once the toddler goes to school...

  12. you are invited to follow my blog

  13. Loves that old bench I want one!~ You are inspiring there too my friend. Love the little vases way cute too! Have a happy week.

  14. So fresh and uplifting. Love the colors. I wasn't really sure what you were envisioning on your earlier post but now I so get it and love it. Nicely done. Thanks, too, for visiting my vividly yellow door.

  15. Great list Cathy! I love that you included catching up with 3 friends. Sharing via your blog is a great way to stay accountable and get it all done. You reminded me I have to put the final coat on our shutters. I'm waiting for a cool day.

    I love that old bench and those glass jars with the flowers-so beautiful! :)

    Thank you for your comment on my last post and for your well wishes. I am feeling better today, a weekend spent with friends and my hubby definitely was just what I needed. :)


  16. It's me again. I just read your comment about painting your shutters. I will be curious. Do you have an old house with wooden shutters or do you have the poly ones? We have both. Wood on the old part and some sort of plastic poly on the newer addition. We are having the house power washed and I know that couple of the shutters will probably end up with paint chips as a result. I'll be watching.

  17. That bench is so darling, especially with the flowers and the background. Good job on checking off all of those big to-dos! Way to go!

  18. Great header!

    The bench is great and the jars w/ flowers only adds to the greatness...

  19. Hi! There's an award for you on my blog today! Have a great day!
    :) Jen

  20. Hey Cathy! I got the old sheet music online-- I can email it to you if you want. Thanks for the suggestion on a bench for the window! The wheels are turning. . .:)


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