Monday, May 24, 2010

A Baby & Boating

This is what I was pondering today:  at what age are you no longer considered a baby? Is it 1 year? Is it 2 years old?  If it is your youngest child, then is it 3 years old? One thing is for sure, I am way past the baby years with my kiddos! At 12, 11, & 7, we are well on our way to the teen years!

This weekend we were lucky to share a few hours with some good friends. They were visiting from out of town, but squeezed us into their schedule. I had a few minutes alone with their baby, Miss Brown Eyes. She was teething and wasn't feeling well {fighting an ear infection} and she was "off her schedule". When my kiddos were young I was all about the schedule, so I know how traveling can affect the disposition of a baby. Miss Brown Eyes is 13 months old. Still a baby in my book. She was heavenly.

I love her flexibility of her left leg & the pointed toes on her right leg. I am pretty sure she will be a dancer, probably a ballerina. She loves to dance! And doesn't she look so adorable with her pink top & blankie? Ballerinas have to look good in pink. She has that down already.

She has the cutest toes:

And another pic because baby feet are the BEST feet in the whole world:
And yes, of course I kissed them! 

We lucked out this weekend because summer came early to Ohio. We were out boating & swimming at the lake. 

This girl is rocking on the wakeboard! She had quite an audience on the lake & she just started boarding late last summer. It made me cry to see how graceful & daring she is on the water. {Proud Mommy moment}:

This girl is my baby. I know she is getting all her big girl teeth. But she is still my baby & sometimes I still kiss her feet to make the boo boo better. She has big plans on the water this summer. I have no doubt that she will be a different girl by the end of the summer. 

This guy was uber happy. Uber happy. He was on top of the world. He was in heaven (on earth). I was right there with him. 

The best part of the weekend was listening to my kids encourage each other & support each other. It was really something how they cheered (rather loudly) as each attempted something new on the water. Summer is here.  We are all just giddy about it!

Now let's see how perceptive you are. Can you find hubby & me in the pics? It's like finding Waldo (my brother loved those books!) Can you find Cathy & Rich?

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Tomorrow,  I will post about my progress on my Anti-Procrastination list. Stop back. I better get going if I am to check anything off that list!  Moving forward with pleasant memories of the weekend. 

An yes my friends, my peonies are in bloom. ONE WEEK EARLY! I will share photos, soon!


  1. Peonies in your yard? Lucky!
    That reminds me of growing up in ID and all the peonies next to our front door. They were pretty, but the ants loved them too, so we could never bring any inside.
    Glad you had warm weekend.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I think they will always be your babies. My 6 year old still calls my 3 year old her baby brother.

  3. I LOVE it! What a great way to start the day after a 13 hour drive through the night. We had a great time! I just hate the visit was so short... and that Ava didn't feel well. She certainly found a friend in you. :) Miss you guys already!!!

  4. Oh... I think I see you - not sure about Rich?

  5. I know ballerinas, and yes, Miss Brown Eyes is definitely a ballerina. Too cute!

    And, I'm totally're kids cheer and support each other? My 2 ballerinas do nothing but pick on each other and fight. *sigh*

    Great pix! It looks like so much fun.

  6. Love peonies!! And you know, I don't have an answer to the baby question. I was just wondering yesterday when a newborn stops being a newborn . . .

  7. I see you both in the sun glasses! do I win anything? did i even get the waldo mission right! lol

    i love seeing families, children playing and getting along in happiness! that's the way it should be!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  8. Definately looks like summer there! Yeah!!
    Baby feet are the best, for sure. I need to find someone's little baby to borrow....just for a little while.
    Have a great week!

  9. Cathy- your son's front teeth look like my sons! I so miss those cute (little) baby teeth! :)

    I haven't gone water skiing since college...I had a friend that lived on Portage Lake or Pelican that right? You guys are so lucky!

  10. I think your babies will always be your babies no matter how old they are. Don't they grow up just way too quick. I cried when my daughter wore underpants two years ago. I'm going to blog about the award tomorrow. Still playing catch up here! Your girls are beautiful by the way!

  11. Great photos Cathy...I spy the sunglasses!
    Lovely post!!


  12. I always think when they get big kid legs...bumps bruises and not so soft anymore. Usually 3 maybe 4?
    Or maybe the youngest stays a baby forever?
    Great post...and my peonies are blooming too!

  13. As a retired pre-school teacher technically they are baby until they start walking then they are toddlers until about age 3.

    But your kids are your babies forever and always, so it doesn't really apply to parents ;O)

    This little sweety is gonna break more than a few hearts along the way.


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