Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Indian Summer with a Chair & Table Teaser

Was wondering if you have selected your picture for your holiday card, yet? If not, that is your challenge this week! Leave me a comment & let me know how it is coming along. 

We are enjoying our Indian summer. I have been mandating that the kids have to go play outside after school this week. They don't mind. This is our "in-between time" when they start pining for snow. Really! We visited some good friends this weekend in Cleveland & my kids were overjoyed to have a snowball fight! Please pray for my friend Mrs L. as she is recovering from an incident in which she was burned by a coffee spill while at the drive-thru at *Starbucks*.  She is a mom of 3 and had to spend 3 days in ICU & is still bandaged from knees to the waist.  Please just pray for my sweet friend Mrs. L. And be very careful with all hot things. 

Here is what today looks like around here, with a few leaves left on the Japanese maple and the gorgeous blue sky:

My trusty companion, who does NOT smell like skunk today, as she did 2 weeks ago! Poor thing had to endure numerous baths of Dawn, hydrogen peroxide, & baking soda. If your dog gets skunked, email me & I will give you the protocol. That was a crazy day! Very funny now!

A few leftover roses, oh how much I adore these:

Chair & table teaser. Stay tuned for my kitchen table & chair project! I have to sort through the before pics. Post coming very soon!

distressed white furniture
good smelling kids
a de-skunkified dog
a lunch date with friend
a soccer tournament win
smell of chlorine
glasses adjustment
cookbooks & recipes



  1. Ooooh, I'm looking forward to your dining room post! That's cat nip for me! lol :)

  2. Oooh lovely! The fall shots AND especially that beautiful chair! So gorg.

  3. Oh my goodness! I am in love with those sweet slipcovers!!!! Did you make them?!?! Hurry up and post a pic of the whole room. It looks heavenly!

  4. Gorgeous pictures of the Japanese Maple. I am also from Ohio. Hasn't the sunlight just been fantastic this fall? I can't get enough of it and want to bottle it up for January and February!

    ( I followed the link from Miss Sew & So. )

  5. well hello lovely gal....thanks for linking up with those beautiful images from *round your parts*!!
    a snow ball fight - sounds like heaven...we're not quite that cold yet!

    love your slip cover & table...& that mantle of gorgeous colour & photos in the background!

    melissa xx


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