Friday, November 12, 2010

When Things Go Awry

Definition of AWRY

: in a turned or twisted position or direction : askew
: off the correct or expected course : amiss

Today I downloaded some photos of our splendid Indian Summer & found that I had reached my max on my memory. Only 20 of the 150 photos would download. Ugh! I have 19,096 photos on my Mac. I have them backed up, but hesitate to delete any out of iPhoto should I need one for a blog post of one of the scrapbooks that I will eventually make for the kids. Here is an example:

A blurry pic of Mr. F defending the goal. This kid takes his job very seriously. Man is it ever hard being the mom of the goalkeeper! Can anyone else relate to this? It's funny how I never really noticed this pic until today. I love this blurry photo!

The glorious weather beckoned me for a walk on the bike trail. I invited a few people to join me, but they were busy. So I took my companion, Miss Canon Rebel. 

A lot of people bemoan living in our small town. I appreciate the hidden gems, like our bike trail. It wasn't crowded and it was budget friendly (free). You can tell that winter will soon be upon us!

A glimpse of the moon during a bright sunny afternoon!

Some type of weed. A pretty weed. I love how it captures the November light.

So my plans to show you how I forced the kids outside to play will have to wait for another day! 

New Assignments
I have two new assignments. I am not being paid for these assignments. They have to do with business and photography & women. A mixed bag, but I think you will have fun checking in on me. Wish me luck on setting my computer straight. 

Cathy M. 


  1. Oh no!!!! Nothing frustrates me more than computer problems b/c I know NOTHING about how to fix it. Hope yours is a simple fix.

    We have a fantabulous bike path in our hood too. One of the best things about our neighborhood for sure.

  2. Is your mac full then? Like your hard drive?

  3. Yes Mandi! I can probably solve it with a few calls to my brother & deleting some stuff. I must admit that I already did a memory upgrade a year ago. It is just frustrating having NO warning! I knew this day would come! It is an older Mac (about 6 years), but it rocks!!

    Kim, I really like the bike trail because it encourages you to keep going. Ours is pretty long (15 miles or so).

  4. wow! that's a lot of photos woman!

    I take so many..then back them up and delete what was only meant for blogging in the first place....

    and that keeps the photo clutter at bay....and it forces me to keep my creative mind evolving and delving into new things. taking pictures is such a passion of can be trying to manage so many photos....I know!

    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella

    here's to happy camera clicking!
    Creative Carmelina

  5. Yikes..hope you can get those pics! I'm so bad with the techy end of things.
    Your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for encouraging me on my blog with my little birds. The house is going to suffer for a bit this week, but I'm pretty happy!


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