Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slipcovers & a Painted White Kitchen Table

If you read my last post, you know that I was experiencing some disk storage issues on my computer. I deleted a lot of stuff (emails, mostly) and I am functioning, for now. I will be ordering some more memory & might even give you a tutorial on how I install it. While traipsing through my photos I found the "before pics" of my kitchen table & chairs. Are you ready? Let's start with the after:

I love the comfort and style of my new table and chairs. I made sure to have a glass top made for the table. We do homework here & now I don't worry about the table top at all!

Here you can see how well it coordinates with the adjoining living room. I have 3 pieces of distressed white furniture and several yellow pieces in my living room.

I love the white trim & yellow walls against the piping & covered buttons. 

I have fallen head over heels with slipcovers because of their washability! I also had these little coverlets made to protect the seat cover. A little added protection that can get thrown in the wash with ease!

A close-up of the cording & pleated skirt. All 100% washable!

I am still working on lighting & window treatments. 

The dreaded before pics:
 Do you see the old painted white table in the background? About 8 years ago, I found it in a junk pile with 6 inches of snow on top of it. I didn't use the correct paint & after years of use & abuse, it had to be retired! I actually used these chairs for years, which don't match or even coordinate with each other! 

In this photo I was testing out chair height & width. Here you can see the walls & window trim. I am so glad that my husband agreed to have this room painted.

This table was a steal. It was very inexpensive & I bought it because I loved the pedestal base. It just needed a new paint job. I hired it done this time!

The slipcovers were created by a talented slipcover artist in our area. Which leads me to reveal one of my assignments. I will be showcasing local, talented businesswomen on my blog. You will get a glimpse of how they turned their passion into a business. The first person I will introduce you to is Lucy. She is the reigning slipcover queen in our area. She recently invited me & a group of women for lunch to her home. I was able to get a few photos of her work area. You will have to wait a little longer for the post. Here is the hostess gift (note cards with her company name) which I made & took to her:

I would love to know, have you finished any projects lately?  Do you use slipcovers?  Are you in love with white distressed wood, like I am? 

I am going to fix a cup of tea & enjoy my new chairs & kitchen table!



  1. Just finished a year long basement remodel! Framed in a bedroom, drop ceiling, walls, electric, ductwork, also painted rec room area of basement and then finished the whole thing off with new carpet. I did everything but lay the carpet myself with help from family/friends. It looks amazing an created a nice cozy space for playing w/ the kids and Joss loves her new finished bedroom. Her only complaint was that the drop ceiling wasn't pink. Now it's time to work my way upstairs....ugh!!

  2. I got to see the finished product in person! Love it!

  3. Worth the wait...FABULOUS...Off to tweet you now! :)

  4. OMG Cathy! Completely adorable and lovely! Can I have a cup of tea with you at your new table! I just showed Nathan the photos! We love the table and also love how you did the wood trim white and the pretty light yellow. Our house is FULL FULL FULL of the wood trim...its insane and almost turned me off of this house but...I know now is just would look so much better if we painted it all white....which will be a chore...my house project might be calling someone to come paint it! So talented Cathy! Love your blog :-)!!

  5. Jay, you should start a blog & show the pics of your basement re-do. It sounds like you did a great job on it & you have a lot of knowledge to share with others!

    Susan, you are invited, if you are "in town" for the holidays!

    Laura, the color for the walls is Restoration Hardware's Butter. It is a fairly deep color, but may not look like it in these pics, due to the sunshine. The color on the woodwork is similar to Pratt & Lambert's Seed Pearl which we have used throughout the house. In one of the pics, you will notice the fireplace & bookshelves have been painted, as well. I have 3 more rooms to go with painting the woodwork. We have hired painters for all of our indoor painting & usually do it while we are away, because the fumes can be rather strong. We have lived here for 8 years, so it is definitely a long range project.

    Alicia, I can't wait till your next visit! It was so nice that you surprised us!

  6. Cathy...I absolutely LOVE it! The white, the yellow, the pedestal table and the adorable little party dresses on your chairs. Those little kick pleats and buttons make my heart sing! I have always dreamed of making slipcovers. Have made a few cushion covers and reupholstered some chairs, but never full-on slipcovers. Can't WAIT to see Lucy's workspace and learn how she turned it into a business!

  7. So so lovely, Cathy! Your house looks like a dream. Can we get the full tour?

  8. Your slip covers are absolutely adorable Cathy! Love the yellow in the room...everything looks so cheery! That's what I want...but don't have!

  9. Huge change...the whole room looks so great!
    Good call on the coverlets. The only thing I could think about was...Okay, those chair seats would last about 1 min in my house.

  10. Seriously Cathy this is awesome! Everything about it is increadible! You did an amazing job :) Thanksgiving will be perfect there.

  11. Thank you for your helpful and kind comment on my sofa decision. I also love the slip covered look but other than Pottery Barn - which we don't have here - I can't find anyone around here that makes them. What a void in our marketplace.
    Love yours. The yellow piping and button treatment take them to a whole new level and the extra covers are genius with younger family members.
    How happy you must be.

  12. The details in the slipcovers are divine -- the button downed backs, the cording, the pleated skirts -- perfection. Wonderful makeover. Thank you for sharing.


  13. Love it!!!!!!!! Come remodel the kitchen for me!

  14. Beautiful! Where did you find the slipcovers? I've been wanting slipcovers for my dining chairs for quite some time now.

    Also, what color do you have on your dining room walls? I've been looking for a lovely yellow tone color for my kitchen but none are quite right.


  15. those are the cutest chairs in the whole world , lucky!!!

  16. I love your slipcovers and your table! I am on the look out for a similar one. The pedestal base is so pretty.

  17. i stinkin' love your table and chairs! they are fabulous and i'll be featuring you on one of these fridays!

  18. Cathy looks like your little cottage is becoming Floridafied love the chair slip covers but really love that you painted the white table did you do your self or had it done Ill call u tonite for details...xoxoxomuuuaaahhh thanks for stopping by...

  19. These are fabulous!! Do you have a tutorial for them?? I'm super interested to learn. :)

  20. Cathy,

    This is my first visit to your blog but I will be returning! I love your slipcovers. I wish I could find a talented woman like Lucy in my area.


  21. Oh, your slipcovers are so beautiful, Cathy! I'm glad you came by my blog and left your link. The little removable coverlets are a great idea too.

    It's very nice to meet you. Now please excuse me while I go check out more of your beautiful blog.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  22. I'm curious about your table. I have one that looks almost identical that I am planning on painting. When you say you had it hired out, did they brush it? What kind of paint did you use ... semi gloss? It looks great!


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