Monday, December 13, 2010

I have been in a rather mad state of mind the last few days. A few nights ago my husband joined me for dinner. We met up with our friends of over 20 years. It was nice to chat & laugh. Really that is what the holidays are all about, right? Spending time with people you adore & making memories. All was fine until my husband & I walked to our SUV & found it had been broken into. We were totally stunned as we had parked in a well lit area in a decent part of town. Not only did the thieves get away with recent purchases (grrrrrrrr!)  & some cash that my 12 year old had stashed in the car (unbeknownst to me), but they also took my digital slr camera with both of my lenses. I love my camera & use it almost daily & I have been rather lost without it. (the above pic was taken with that camera & then I blurred the edges of the photo)

There was glass from the window throughout the entire car. We had to drive an hour home with cold air & road noise blasting through it. We did file a police report on the spot, but I think it is hopeless to think that any of the items will be returned.

The good news is that we are both fine & they did not get any credit cards nor identification. Our friends came back to help us, as soon as they heard what was going on. Thank goodness for friends you can count on!

We will be dealing with the insurance company. We have an appointment to get the car fixed & have been able to borrow a SUV from my in-laws until ours is fixed. We have lots of snow & very chilly temps, which don't go well with a broken window.

I wish this was a happy post about our holiday traditions or baking or something fun. We are working on getting past this, but it is amazing how it can affect you. I have been surprised at the strength of my emotions over this event. Mostly I have been mad, until today when I was rather sad.

Tonight we took the kids to the fairgrounds to see the Christmas lights. It was rather fun. We took pics with our cell phone. We wondered how many lights there were, how long they took to arrange & wondered how much the electric bill would be (that pondering was from my teenager). Afterward, the guys ran to Home Depot while the girls and I shopped for a few quick items at Drug Mart. We had some really good laughs about buying goofy gifts for people. It was silly, but we did manage to laugh.

Watch what you are keeping in your vehicle & watch your valuables, and most of all this season, be safe.


  1. Oh I am so sorry. They took your camera? Ew. So so sorry.

    This happened to my fam when I was a little girl. It felt like a huge punch to the gut. So sorry.

  2. Ughhhhh. I am so sorry this happened to you. I would just be devastated about the camera and yes, it's wonderful that no one got hurt and your id's were not stolen but it is so very frustrating. i had a car broken into in college and then an apartment broken into years ago with quite a bit stolen and it is such a feeling of violation. sometimes people just suck, really.
    hugs to you cathy!

  3. I'm so sorry this happened. I would be devastated without my camera. Hopefully insurance will look after it right away. It is a splash of cold water when you realize not everyone has the best of intentions. Enjoy your family during this holiday season, as that is what is most important.

  4. So so sorry. Great reminder to watch out!
    I'm glad you guys can get past this.
    I find it so hard to beleive that this time of year is what the thugs look forward to...not because of what the season means, but because of what it means they can take from others.

  5. Oh Cathy, this really stinks! So sorry this happened to you guys. It always angers me to think someone can do just do that...thinking what you have worked so hard for, that they can just steal. Thanks for reminding us to be safe...I guess it's the time of year when people are desperate. So glad no one was hurt. Keep your chin up...they can take your take/break your stuff but they take your Christmas spirit!

  6. Cathy, I'm so sorry.

    Yesterday, I read the front page of our newspaper, a story about some children who were born into and lived in a horribly abusive situation. It has effected me so much to realize how deeply some people are hurting and how blessed I am to have had good friends, family and a really great life with my husband and children. I'm sorry for those who robbed you, and I'm sorry for the violated feeling you have. At the same time, I'm so glad you and your family weren't hurt and that you have each other to enjoy. That's a great gift to hold on to. Hope today is a better day :)

  7. Hi Cathy, Beyond sorry this happened to you. I tried emailing camera info and the address did not go through. If you'd email me I will give you all the details. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

  8. oh that's the pits...but I'm glad you and your family are all okay..

    as annoying as it all is, and believe me I feel for you, we must remember that broken things will be mended, and stolen things can be replaced....but family is ours irreplaceable treasure!

    hope you are working through the mad and the sad...and that you arrive at
    alright soon! laughing helps, that's for sure!

    thinking of you...and yes, thanks for the reminder and great advice.
    ciao bella

  9. So sorry to hear about this Cathy! UGH! At least you guys are okay and they didn't get your info. This has been happening at our gym a few times. One of my friends left her entire purse in the car and they got it all. In daylight! Wishing better luck to you and your family during the rest of the holiday season. :)

  10. Thank you for the kind comments. I am feeling a lot better after reading your sweet thoughts. I do realize that it is just "stuff". You are right Kerri, they can't take my Christmas spirit. Baking is a good outlet for anger, right??

  11. Hi, I commented over at Just Beachy, clicked on your blog and then read this!!!....I am very sorry that happened to your family, especially during this Holiday season. I hope all works out well with this...Please, have a Merry Christmas inspite of this!!!

  12. beautiful picture! it's so Christmasy & perfect for the holidays!

    AND i am so very sorry for something like that to have happened. i hope seeing the lights made up for it but bah-humbug on whoever the culprit might have been.

  13. Wow, Cathy, the loss of the camera and lenses is the worst part about this, especially if the camera card was inside it - it makes me sick to my stomach to even imagine. But thank goodness you weren't hurt ...

    Believe it or not, one of my dear friends has her parents driving across the country right now (CA to GA) with a car full of gifts for her boys and the same thing happened to them at their first overnight stop in AZ ... shattered glass and not a single thing left inside the car :-( They are still making their way to GA and, like you said here, grateful that they weren't hurt, didn't lose their ID or their car, and that they can still all have Christmas together ... such a tough break though - I'm really sorry you had that happen to you!

    btw ... I finally got my cards out, so I'm late to your link-up party - thanks for having me!

  14. My boyfriend's Jeep was broken into two weeks ago in our own apt parking lot so I know that violated feeling first hand! I'm so sorry it happened to you and for the items you lost. It's terrible! Sending good thoughts your way for a flawless rest of your holiday season.

  15. Oh no, Cathy! That totally sucks! Growing up we had our share of car break-ins. Even a BUNCH of stolen CARS. I know that feeling. It really is disheartening. I hope the insurance company comes through with a nice big check so you can replace that camera equipment. I know I'd be lost without it also.


  16. OH NO!! I'm so sorry!
    On a happy note, your card for Christmas is gorgeous!!
    Merry Christmas :)

  17. Dang! What a grinchy soul to do something like that around the holidays...or ever.

    I hope you can replace the camera...and get some windows soon.

    Karma will get them in the end. Assured.

  18. I was shopping yesterday and for some reason coming out to my car made me think of your experience once again.

    I'm hoping by now things have turned around for you. Merry Christmas, Cathy!


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