Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Organized Papers

Just a quick post today, as it is a snow day & the kiddos are home making messes, dripping melting snow on the floor, bugging me...you know what I mean~so without further adieu:

Do you have stacks of paper that need organized? If you are a busy person, then I can tell you that you probably do!

Last year my goal was to be better organized & I can definitely say that I am, in one area! OK, only one area, but that is still progress!

While going through your stack, sort papers by (kid's homework, bills, investments, medical, etc.) Then go out & buy these rather inexpensive folders. Be sure to label them! At the end of the year or during tax prep time, you will be able to find out what you need quickly! And that is a good feeling...I then empty these every year & rubber band & label the contents & store in a labeled banker box in the basement. I also use them for my small business & they really do keep everything organized. Cheap, easy & organized! ~That's my style~


  1. Hi Cathy..found your blog through Clover Lanes...great organizing ideas. Looks like your snow storm is headed our way tomorrow..(I'm in Mass.)....Have fun in the snow!

  2. That's the best organizer I've seen. EVER. I get distracted by all the "pretty and fun" organizers that serve no purpose in all actuality. So, we will be looking into these handy dandy file folders to simplify!

    Thank you for the great idea!


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