Friday, January 28, 2011

As January Comes to a Close

I cannot believe that January is almost over. I have to admit it is my least favorite month of the year! In fact, I am not a winter girl. I have learned to embrace winter and I think that has worked better for me this year. 

I am working out (a bit more than I would like to!) and perhaps this is having a good effect on my psyche. Lots of crunches, core stuff, squats, plank & the treadmill. I am still drinking lemon water and will be trying cucumber water, too!

This weekend we are going to fit in some skiing. It is the 50th anniversary of our favorite ski spot, Snow Trails. This is where Foster competed in Big Air 2011. We might also finish this:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid puzzle.
I placed it on the backside of a quilters cutting mat, so that it can be moved from room to room
or stored under the couch!

Sloan has been tempting me with her popover recipe. I am breaking down & trying it!

And I have to finish everything on my Anti-Procrastination List! I am still way under 2 cups of coffee each day. YEAH for me! And I finally figured out the last little bit of my blog button code with Heather's help! Her blog is here. If you read Check It Off, I would be honored if you copied the code and added my button to your site.

I made a new soup recipe this week! It was from Kim and it is a broccoli soup. It was a big hit with my family! You can find it here.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Good for you for working out more! Not sure I could do the hot lemon water...I need to try it. Do you add a little or a lot of lemon?
    That looks like a super hard puzzle...I have no patience for them! Brady is loving the Wimpy Kid series...I am loving that he's reading!
    Snow Trails...I'm wondering if that's where our prom was?!
    Your button is so cute!!! I'll have to figure out how to get it onto my page...I'm not very good at that stuff...but eventually I figure it out!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. ooh, I've been wanting to try kim's soup too - yum! you'll love the popovers, cathy ;-) i'm dying to know how they turn out, especially if you use a regular muffin pan instead of that crazy looking popover pan I use ... sometimes not all of mine "pop" even though I use the special pan (they should be very tall and airy, NOT dense like a muffin), so I've always wondered about the value of that darn pan!! good luck!!

  3. Well girl you were hot before so all this working out must make you even more fabulous, right??

    So tell me your embracing winter secrets. I need them.

  4. Hi there! Found your blog through Kerri. Really enjoyed reading!

  5. Loved the last soup! Can't wait to try the broccoli. And thanks so much for the award -- you are so amazing!

    I showed my husband and my son the Big Air video and and the stars in their eyes were hilarious. Looks like there's a need for more heading to the slopes :)

  6. Cathy you should join have a fabulous blog and family to share:) I'm just sayin:):)!!!~

  7. That puzzle looks impossible. Whew!
    I'm slowly getting back into work out mode....finally.
    Love your new button...added to my blog!
    Happy Day!


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