Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Fresh Perspective

Do you ever pick up a book & think that you will just read it quickly & move on to the next one? Well this book was an "easy read", at first.  I was quickly going along on the Italian adventure & the next thing I knew I had been been gripped by the book! This book has given me a fresh perspective on what I want to do with the next phase of my life. I haven't made any big decisions, but I know that I will approach my decision making about the future differently, as a result of reading this book. I really like books that shift you from your foundation. It is a bit of a chick book, so I am not sure that the male audience will appreciate it, as much as the females!

Speaking of fresh perspective, we have had a bit of new snow which coincided with our recently fixed "vintage" snowmobile! Seems a squirrel or other furry animal had stored nuts in the intake valve! Hubby snapped this photo of me. I am sure my mom has one somewhere of me when I was a little girl growing up in Michigan. I loved going on long rides with my Dad and earned my permit at the age of 13. It is a lot like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it, you can pick it right back up. After a few quick spins around the yard & neighborhood,  I felt re-charged!  This Yamaha is fast!

I didn't forget my Anti-Procrastination list from last week. Here is my update:

  • ski (that's what we do here in Ohio in January!) Done: skied Friday night & Sunday in excellent conditions!

  • clean sock drawer (stop laughing Rich!) Done: I can even close the drawer now and find my socks! No pics, you just have to imagine socks organized by style & color, neatly lined up in my drawer!

  • reconcile October,  November & December checking statements (wish I could do it every month!) Done-a big job but now that it is done, it will be easier to gather tax info. Plus I have all my receipts organized, as well, as all warranty info for 2010. 

  • Was wondering if you reconcile or balance your checkbook or do you delegate it or skip it altogether? Just curious!

    I am linking up to Amy at New Nostalgia for Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays! Want to join in the party? Here is a link to Amy's blog.

    Here is my Anti-Procrastination list for this week 1/10/11:
    • Order family photos of kids from our summer photo session
    • Clean 2 kitchen junk drawers
    • Treadmill workout~ease back into running with a workout

    We are expecting a big snow storm! I made it to the store tonight with the rest of our town, but was able to get out of there quickly with my helper, Marissa (Miss Boo). We will have more snow within the next day or 2. You can bet  I will be making fresh tracks with my snowmobile!

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am meeting with a personal trainer this week. I am going to see if he has a plan for me that will help me shed the extra 10 pounds. Do you think he might add snowmobiling to my regime?


    1. Sending snow your way, but watch the arctic blast that follows (if it comes your way). It's a doosey. And one word about the body wash - HA!

    2. Ooh I love that you love snow. And you're the sporty skiing/water skiing queen. I'm such a wimp. Lived near the mountains nearly all my left and never skiied. How lame is that?

      I love your anti-procrastination plans. You rock.

    3. Sweet ride Cathy! Love it! Enjoy the snow...now that you are stocked up with food!

    4. We had the opportunity to ride some vintage snowmobiles. This one looks almost new compared to the derelicts we had : ) Plus I am very interested in this book. I love a good paradigm shift. I will have to check it out.
      Thanks Cathy,

    5. we got that very same snow up here in Boston - made for a fun week, I cooked and cooked while almost 2 feet fell outside! WIsh we had the space for snowmobiling, it looks like fun, but our town is super congested, there's no open space at all (in fact, where to put all the plowed snow from the storm has been a big problem!) ...

      definitely following you with this "organize" theme you've got going - I could use an "anti-procrastination" list of my own for sure!


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