Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lemons & Other Really Good Stuff

I have been drinking a lot of water with lemon lately. It has really helped me cut down on coffee. I am already down to 2 cups a day, without trying very hard!! A fellow blogger mentioned that she was drinking hot lemon water, which is easy to make. Heat water & squeeze in fresh lemon. I have been drinking it when eating out & at the ski lodge. Lemons are good for preventing kidney stones, so it is imporatant for me to keep this in my diet. I have also been squeezing it on different dishes. Even this homemade chicken soup with orzo instead of noodles:

The kids wrote their thank you notes today. Better late than never. I am a dealer for this line of stationery from Donovan Designs.  They have the cutest notepads. Wouldn't you agree?

I may have mislead you in my last post. When I posted about my vintage snowmobile (last post), I should have told you that this actually belongs to our kids. It is not a full size snowmobile (slang:sled). That is why my hubby bought it for the kids. The kids let us borrow it, on occasion! This is a picture of my youngest today, out playing on the snowmobile after Mass & religion class. Check out that sky!

Action shot of Marissa:

We even were able to coax my teenager, Ana, outside for a spin!

Ahhh, blue sky:

This little point & shoot camera is able to hang with me! A snowmobile coming around the frozen pond:

Yep, here is Foster. He is so much like his Bumpa (my Dad). Sweet and full of fun! 

Now that I have indulged you with some photos, I wanted to let you know that I am planning a party! 
A real party. For my husband as he gets ready to celebrate a BIG birthday. I have less than a week, but I am sure I can pull it off. Right?

I am 2/3 done with my Anti Procrastination List for this week & I still have one day till Tuesday.

If you haven't seen the new GORGEOUS beach bags from my friend  Suzanne at beachhouse etc. then you better bop over to her blog & check them out! I Tell her I sent you!

Later this week I will be posting my new blog button. It is done & I cannot wait to share the details with you. You are going to be impressed!

I am really happy that January is more than half over. You followers know that I am a summer girl. Just making the most of life, while I await those warm breezes!



  1. Beautiful yummy lemons. Really perk things up during the cold months...hoping the AZ family sends us some soon. ;) The snow mobile looks like a blast!

  2. I love lemon water, it is so refreshing! I have not had it hot though, that sounds good and will have to try that this week, it is COLD! Love the photos of the kids, how fun! Happy party planning and I LOVE Suzanne's beach bags!!!

  3. Summer girl, too! I did not know that lemons prevented kidney stones-- that is very interesting. (all my siblings have had one so I'm like dang. . . )

  4. Hope you're planning to share the recipe for that delicious bowl of chicken/orzo soup - that looks amazing!! Pretty please?!

    we're still working on x'mas thank you's around here too, coming down the homestretch though ... good to know I'm not alone ;-)

  5. Oh, my kids would give anything for snow mobiles and 4 wheelers but our property is just too hilly. I get to hear about it all the time. Blue sky with snow is my favorite! -- and I laughed about the rabbit. I was sent home a child with a fish from a play date once. It was a mess of a funny story, at least in hindsight :)

  6. I like cold water w/ lemom...but hot water w/ lemon doesn't sound so good to me! I will have to try it!
    I love Suzanne's beach talented is she?!

  7. Love the taste of lemons, but love limes even more! Word of Caution: the acid is tough on your tooth enamel. Good luck reducing your coffee intake.

    Glad your children write thank you notes. Thanks for teaching them manners and etiquette.

    Snowmobiling on powedery snow under a blue sky is fantastic, especially if the wind chill isn't bad. You took some great shots and you can tell they're thoroughly enjoying it. Have you tied a sled or inner tube and pulled it with the snowmobile? It's fun and the kids like experiencing the fun at the same time.

    When I'm snowmobiling at the farm, I pretend I'm on a wave runner. lol Ramona

  8. Love your photos!! Keep drinking that lemon water!!

  9. Need that recipe for the orzo!

  10. I am so jealous of that snowmobile. As a kid growing up in Alaska all I wanted was a Ski-doo. Never got it and never got over it. That's a lucky kid :)

  11. Hi there Cathy...Happy New year to you and your family. What awesome photos...looks like a blast. You guys are such an active outdoor family, and that is nice to see. We are in the summer, winter, boring!

  12. I LOOOVE lemons...and use them regularly. Try a squeeze at the end of finishing your sauce/gravy from a roasted's delicious! Love the old snowmobile and looks like the kids are having a blast! Wonderful, vivid and clear photos! xoxo

  13. Mmm, lemon water and orzo. Love it. Looks like so much fun with all that snow.

  14. Did you try the cucumber water yet?


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