Sunday, March 20, 2011

Healthy Eating, Part 1

As I have mentioned in a few of my posts since January, I have been working with a personal trainer to increase my strength and be ready for summer water skiing. Here are a few reasons I chose this route:

  • perform exercises that are necessary for building strength
  • perform exercises without overuse or injury
  • seek a higher level that I cannot achieve on my own (ie, I need the push)

I also hoped to look more fit and fight the aging bulge battle. The beginning was really difficult. I was very sore and could barely do the exercises as they were given to me. It  didn't matter if it was push-ups, leg lefts, squats, lunges, you name it and I was weak! I can see that after 16 sessions, I am definitely stronger.

During one of my workouts my trainer suggested that I use the Livestrong web site to track my calories. Of course, I ignored it and decided I didn't want to be "that committed". After a few days I started eating a bit healthier and then started looking at the web site: I then signed up for a free account and having been tracking the calories eaten and the calories burned. Today is Day 10 of tracking every morsel that I eat. I have a very modest goal of losing 1 pound/week. The site tells me how many calories I can consume each day to achieve my goal. It is around 1500 calories. I have really had to change a lot of my eating patterns. It hasn't been easy, but I am starting to see results in only a short time. I am cooking some very interesting foods and although they are really healthy, they have been delicious, too!

Roasted Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Parsnips, Onions, Potatoes & Brussel Sprouts. ~Recipe here~

If you are struggling with your weight and want to see why, then I would encourage you to start tracking what you eat (every morsel!) and you will begin to see whether or not you are truly eating healthy foods.

Quinoa with sauteed carrots, celery and onion. Prepare quinoa according to box and then sautee in a bit of olive oil. I sprinkle on a bit of Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime (salt-free):

I am going on a class trip to Washington D.C. with my 8th grade daughter in a few days and I am a little nervous about being away from my healthy foods. Of course I will pack some snacks and we will be walking about 30 miles in 3 days! If any of you have suggestions of healthy things to eat while dining out, I sure would appreciate the tips!

After a recent trip to the grocery:

A pic that my oldest took with my new camera of me with hubby. Don't know why but I really love this photo!

Thanks for all of your comments and prayers for my Mom. She has gotten through the first chemo treatment and will be having another this week. Of course the chemo journey is a very difficult one, filled with a lot of pain and ups and downs. I am proud of how well my Mom is doing and it just shows that a good attitude is important. She is sporting a new wig and my Dad is doing well, too. The kind thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

I am hoping to get back to my anti-procrastination list very soon. I am excited about spring! I am nervous about spending a long weekend with 8th graders. Wish me luck!


  1. The top recipe looks soo good! That is right up my alley.

    So glad to hear your mom has such a wonderful attitude-- she is an inspiration, to be sure.

    So, this exercise/dieting. . . how could you possibly look any better, girl??

  2. My host family used to make the top recipe when I was England. I'd forgotten about it, so thanks for flooding my mind with fond memories. We have left-over butternut squash from our garden, so I know exactly what to prepare for dinner tomorrow night.

    Mandi, I agree. How can she look any better?!! Ok, ok, ok, I get it Cath - it's how you FEEL and strength IS a good feeling, especially as we age :).

    Didn't know about your mom's health condition. We will definitely keep her in our prayers. BC's Relay for Life is having their first meeting tomorrow. The event will be held in June. If you want to get a team together to support your mom in this fight, let me know or through Lisa/Mark.

    Tips for eating this weekend:
    Completely avoid fast-food restaurants and ask for salad dressing on the side, so you can control how much to put on. Drink water before the meal and in between each bite.

    Have fun with the 8th graders. You'll love 'em.

  3. Hi Cathy! That sweet potato recipe looks SO good! I'm definately going to try it-thanks for sharing! The picture of you and your husband is so sweet...I love the way he is looking at you. I hope it makes it to a frame!
    I would love to hook up (well, you know what I mean!) with you the next time I come to Mansfield! Nothing in the works yet as far as when that might happen...but I will try and give you lots of notice...maybe we could do lunch!
    I'm inspired by your healthy lifestyle....good for you!!! I like livestrong too...just haven't used it in awhile! Gotta get back into that! (ASAP!)

  4. Your recipe looks really good! The photo of you and your hubby is perfect, it is natural and I can see the love between you. :)

    I am so happy that your mom is doing well and has a great attitude. You and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Cathy
    Here's a great recipe to try with quinoa...makes for a perfect lunch during the week.


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