Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ski Carnival 2011

A few more ski photos and then  I will move on! Can you believe we had another snow day last Friday? (that's 11!)  These photos are from our ski carnival a few weeks ago, which is such a fun time in our community! Our ski resort is now closed for the season. This is my last winter post until next November/December.

Marissa, my 8 year old on the rails. Notice the concentration on her face! She was dressed as a cheerleader for the costume contest!

Ana and me watching events slopeside:

Hubby & me in costume, posing for a pic.

This is my lower half on the right. Skiing in a long dress is difficult!

Look carefully and you will see Foster in white ski pants, black jacket, orange boots, caught in mid-air on skier cross!

Ana waiting for her sibs on the Slush Cup. Her jacket and goggles are wet from being in the splash zone! She is such a supportive sister :)

The Slush Cup is a big vat of water at the end of a long ski run. Marissa informed me that she was old enough and she was doing it. She did well and made it half way across the pool of water before sinking into that cold water. She is a brave girl!

The volunteer popped her out of her skis and then retrieved them while she made her way out of the icy water. Hubby was waiting with her dry set of clothes. Brrrr!

This is Foster's 3rd time competing in the Slush Cup and he made it all the way across and won in the 15 & under age group! Good job Fos!

I will be back soon to share with you a few recipes and new things that I have discovered. 

I have been glued to CNN (in my free time) watching the devastation of the tsunami in Japan. My degree is in Environmental Issues, so I am highly concerned with the nuclear reactor situation, as well. If you want to help, please consider Save the Children. More than 100,000 children have been displaced.

A sign of spring in my flower bed:



  1. Love, love, love the ski photo's Cathy! You and Rich are hilarious! I really don't know how you did it in that fabulous long dress...hee hee! Go Environmental Issues girl...gosh I remember your degree....I also remember your first job after college...whew, those were the days weren't they! Love ya girl and catch you soon!!! Prayers for your mom too :-)!!!! Hope all is well. LT

  2. I am crazy in love with these photos. So glad to see that you have a glimpse of spring too.
    Enjoy the day!
    We are getting up in the 70's today!

  3. Spring break next week, Cathy -- come to Colorado for some skiing! We'll be going clear into April ... maybe May!

    Your kids are so talented. They could teach mine a thing or too!

  4. What a blast! I cannot even imagine landing in a vat of water in full ski gear! You are all WAYYYY braver than I. Brrr........

  5. You guys are the funnest family!

    When I saw the water though, I was like WHAT??? HOLY CRAP COLD! ;)

    How's your mom?

  6. Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm wondering why that water is green like Jello. lol Love the costumes too!


  7. Beautiful pictures. I have only been skiing once. I managed to knock down an entire ski school (12 people!). These pictures make me want to try day. :)


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