Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

A tulip, planted by my husband last fall.

Last year on Mother's Day I wrote a post about my Mom which you can read here.  Although I won't be with my mom or grandma tomorrow, I will be thinking of them all day.

As I was thinking about Mother's Day today, while scrubbing dirt out of soccer socks, I felt blessed and that my heart is full. I am thankful for each of my children and the opportunity to be their mother. Many days I don't feel I am worthy of the responsibility. Frequently I wonder if I am guiding them in the right direction. I am not sure that they will get a full ride scholarship to a Division I school or even make a varsity team or place well academically. But then I have to remind myself, that it starts with being a good sport and with earning and improving grades as time goes on. It involves turning over the reins to them and watching what they do with their skills and talent. This mothering career is not easy or for the faint of heart!

I must admit that when I yearned for children, I had no idea that having kids would be such a full on effort. I think most of us know it will be work, but we are naive about the amount of constant, on~going work.
My family on vacation in SoCal last month.

So as I celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow, I am going to relax and just enjoy being with my kids and sweet husband. I am going to take it all in and be present for whatever comes our way. And I am naively wishing that the kids won't fight and that vases won't get broken. And if they do, that I will remember that it is a vase that can be fixed with a bit of super glue.

Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day!

Cathy M.


  1. Happy Mother's Day!!! The picture of you with your beautiful family is great! Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Mother's day! I love what you said about you being a mom. You seem like the best mom ever!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Cathy!!!! Have a wonderful day with your beautiful family!

  4. All the effort of raising our children has more than paid off as we are able to see them as adults and what they are passing down to the next generation. Thank you Danny, Cathy, Lisa and Tony for being our children and thank you Mark, Rich, Jodi and Jan for completing our family and making our lives so rich. Tight Hugs & Big Kisses. Love Mom

  5. Happy mother's day Cathy! Hope it was the best. (By the way, you look SO great ... maybe I should get a trainer :)

  6. Happy Mother's day Cathy! Love the family photo! We were in SoCal last month too! :)

  7. Well said my friend. You are right...we had no idea, but wow what a blessing to be a mom in the middle of it all!
    Hope your day was fabulous. You family pic is great...and you look wonderful!

  8. HI Cathy, this is such a wonderful post - it's so true, it IS a whole lot of hard work!! I love that beautiful family photo of all you guys and I really love what your sweet mom said above, too ;-)

    PS - I also have a "mother's day tulip" as we call ours - in fact, I took photos of it about 5 days ago to post on Mothers Day but just haven't found the time ... stay tuned, it's a cute story! Happy Mother's Day to you, Cathy!!

  9. Beautiful post Cathy and so well said. Being a mother is the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever had. :) I am so blessed for my family. I love the picture of you and your beautiful family and I am so happy that you had a wonderful day. :)
    Hugs to you.

  10. you are soooo right. You just can't imagine how much work it is until you're in it up to your eyeballs.

    Hope your Mother's Day was bicker-free. :)

    And look at you! You buff, girl!! Looking FAB!!!


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