Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Update 2011

It seems that spring is finally here in Ohio on May 21st! We have had incredible amounts of rain (and lack of sunshine) for weeks! My husband and I are making our home improvement lists...prioritizing wants vs. needs while being budget minded, as well. I tend to get anxious wanting it all done now! Fortunately, I am reading a book that a friend loaned me, Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. Anxious? Then you should look for the book!

We have had a few busy weeks that involved a holy First Communion, soccer tournaments, a tennis tournament, choir and band concerts, school ice cream socials, and quite a few meetings for me. Soon we sign up for  swimming and diving. Summer is right around the corner, but it doesn't feel like it yet because of the unusual weather that we have had of late. We are so ready for summer.

Marissa on her First Holy Communion

My sister Lisa (Marissa's Godmother), Marissa and my niece Allie

Marissa in pink, she has strong kicking legs!

Foster in white, handling the ball with his feet. He is usually in the goalie box!

I have been cooking a lot of really healthy meals including these salmon cakes:

Ana had a duet with one of her sweet friends, Miss K, on left and my friend & their voice teacher, Mrs. H in the middle:

Ana is second from left with a serious look:

Sister and brother, ready for high school and junior high, next year:

Here is evidence of teamwork in a hard fought game in 40 degree pelting rain
(and notice the green lawn from weeks of rain!)

So that is a snapshot of life around here lately. I am hoping to show some pics of completed projects in the next few weeks.

I hope you have a wonderful and sunny weekend. I am off to kickboxing!

Cathy M.


  1. Oh my, you are busy! Congratulations on the First Communion. She is beautiful! Your children always look so happy. And active! :)

    You need to post some of these healthy recipes. I have been so lazy about cooking lately. I need some inspiration.

  2. I love how family busy you are! Your daughter is beautiful in her white dress!

    So, what's on this needs vs. wants list, huh? I probably ought to do the same thing. Dang basement project is sucking us dry (shudders).

    So you're enjoying the book, too? I might need that.

  3. Busy lady! I have been crazy-busy, too! Looking forward to a lazy summer!

  4. that schedule seems way beyond busy, cathy - it's crazy!! but it all looks like so much fun - the first communion pics are so pretty, congratulations! we have been ramping up over here as well - countdown to end of school, etc ... can't wait for summer!!

  5. Cute, cute kids! And I'm looking for some of that green if we can get the snow to stop :)

  6. Looks like a busy but beautiful life. We just celebrated youngest's first communion a couple of weeks back. She is so excited every time we go to church now. Summer soccer is just starting for Eldest and swimming is on the go. Summer is a fun busy time isn't it.

  7. Loving the spring update. Such great times. Love to see your projects! Enjoy!


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