Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Best Medicine is...Family

If you read my blog, then you know that my mom has been undergoing chemo for Non~Hodgkins Lymphoma. She has been such a trooper through this difficult journey. Most of her treatments were in Florida (where she was diagnosed) where my parents "winter". The final treatments have been in Michigan which is where my sister and younger brother live and is closer to where my older brother and I live in Ohio. We recently celebrated my niece's graduation from high school and had the opportunity for our whole family to spend time together.  It was the best medicine to see everyone together and to talk, visit, celebrate my niece's  achievements and eat delicious food. So here is a picture of my parents, siblings and spouses and the kids:
And here is the "unposed" picture:
And here is a pic of me with my parents & siblings:
And how we really behave. My poor parents! :
My sister and her husband are great hosts and are excellent at making everyone feel welcome at their home in a beautiful setting with their lovely pool. The natural light was awesome for taking photos. This is my niece "the graduate" and my sister, "the party hostess":
I love how happy my girls look in this photo while talking with their cousin:
And Uncle Tony makes for great entertainment while Aunt Jodi observes the energy:
My niece, Miss L, showing her hoop skills, in a dress no less:
My niece and Foster=cousin love:

Wooooo, blogger did not want to upload my pictures this morning! What is up with that? I was patient and won that battle! But as you can see, family is the best medicine!

Cathy M.


  1. Very nice family get together @ Lisa & Mark's home. Love all your great photos!

  2. It always is, isn't it? I feel the same way every time I go home for a visit with everyone. You're mom looks beautiful, Cathy! Hope she's doing well.

  3. What a good lookin' family! Your mom looks great Cathy...hope all is well.


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