Monday, November 14, 2011

Going Backward to Catch Up, Part 1

Sometimes I have to go backward to catch up to myself. Does that happen with you? Maybe it because I  have 2 teenagers and an adolescent (love the word "adolescent", which is now commonly referred to as tween or in my case a 9 year old.  I became very familiar with the word when I took "Adolescent Psychology" in college!) Life seems to be moving at warp speed. I am holding on, but when I finally come up for air, I am surprised at where I have landed. So. Going backward. Looking at what my life was like a few months ago and trying to put a few words with a few pics, so that it doesn't pass by so quickly. But then I discover a major problem. I am a photo addict. I find something special about every photo that I take. And I take far too many. Would you like to join my support group? How do I condense thousands of photos into a blog post?

What I am trying to say is that I haven't blogged because I have found other interests that somehow took over my life. I haven't felt the need to blog and to share what is happening in my life. Perhaps through the past 2 years of reading blogs and writing my blog, I am reaching a new level of being content and I don't need blogging, like I once used to need it.

But I don't want to shelf my blog. So I have a choice of going forward or quitting. So for now, I m moving forward, but will be going backward, in order to do so.

Here is a post that I started months ago:
August is a time of year where we get a quick breather and then jump into our fall sports. This year each of my kids is playing one sport for one team, which is much more manageable than previous years!

Self portrait in August. Typical look for me: swimsuit, tank top, headband & sport watch. I do get rather tan from my Italian heritage, thanks Dad!:

A 9th birthday party for Marissa, 2nd from left in bright floral swimsuit. Give them water balloons on a super hot August day and they will be thrilled until they run out and I have to quickly fill 30 more!

This just exemplifies the energy and happiness of my 9 year old!

Love the August sunlight and water!

Girls just need a few good friends and cupcakes=pure happiness!

My nieces came to the lake for some water fun. This is my niece Lindsey and her fist pump!

My niece Allie, showing her water skills:

The lake is always fun when we have visitors and a birthday to celebrate!

Goofiness when it is raining at the lake. Thankfully, Lindsey and Aaron watched the monkeys while the adults slipped out to the wine bar for some adult time:

My brother-in-law and sister at the lake. I am mad that I forgot to get a pic of my sis and year!

This pic was snapped by one of my besties, Kim. So happy she picked up my camera and took the photo. Might have to frame this in black & white. Me & hubby on our SUP's (Stand Up Paddleboard) New favorite past time! So glad my hubby bought these for Christmas last year. Fun, yet relaxing exercise at the lake.

Stay tuned for parts 2, 3, & 4. Now, I am back!


  1. Love seeing all these photos!!! Also- totally inspired by how ripped you are. OMG! You rock!

  2. Now I see what was going on this past summer, sorry we missed the fun. We will have to make up for it next summer. Miss everyone and love your blog. Thanks for blogging and please keep it going. Love Mom :o)

  3. These were great! You have so busy, but good busy and it is so good to see your smile! Love the SUPS!!!


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